P. Diddy Promises to DJ for Free at Barack Obama's Inauguration

P. Diddy

Showing some support for Barack Obama, P. Diddy delays his 39th birthday party from Tuesday, November 4 to the next day "with the hopes of having a grand birthday/Obama celebration."
Making it clear in some public occasions that he supports Democratic candidate Barack Obama to be the next U.S. president, P. Diddy even has promised he will DJ for the politician's inauguration should he win the still on-going election. "I will definitely DJ at the party for free," the hip-hop mogul told the press Tuesday, November 4 when he let cameras into the voting booth with him.

Showing some support for Obama, Diddy willingly delayed having star-studded party to celebrate his 39th birthday, which actually was on Tuesday, the same day the U.S. presidential election took place. He plans to hold a party on the next day "with the hopes of having a grand birthday/Obama celebration," the Associated Press reported.

Speaking about him standing in the long line at a school in midtown Manhattan, N.Y.C, to be able to cast his vote, Diddy said, "People died for us to have this right. So to exercise this right today is to give back to Martin Luther King and Rosa Parks and everyone who fought for us."

"As a representative of the youth vote, you know, I think this year we're going to shock the world and break all the numbers, all the records ever," he continued telling the press. "We're not going to vote for anyone just because they're black. We're going to vote for the best candidate. He has to be extra qualified for us to vote for him."

Diddy wasn't the only A-list celeb who cast a ballot. Britney Spears, Fall Out Boy's Pete Wentz, singer-actress Brandy, and Hayden Panettiere were the other Hollywood stars who cast a vote on the Tuesday election.

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