Fall Out Boy's Upcoming 'Folie a Deux' Pushed Back

Fall Out Boy decide not to release their upcoming third studio album 'Folie a Deux' on general election, November 4 because they don't want to ride 'the wave of the election.'

AceShowbiz - Fall Out Boy change the release date of their upcoming fifth major studio effort "Folie a Deux" which was originally set to be dropped on November 4 to coincide with American general election day. "6 months ago we thought it would be a fun idea to release our album on election day but this is not the election to be cute," the band wrote on their official website.

"This is the most important election of our time and, as much as the record is a social commentary and the term 'Folie a Deux' is relevant to the candidates, we felt as though rather than making a commentary we were only riding the wave of the election," the punk band from Wilmette, Illinois explain. "This seemed less and less like what we intended to do and more of a gimmick."

In a further statement, the musicians reveal that they have all individually expressed their positions on the election and never intend to be the band that shove their "ideas down peoples throats." They state, "We only hope people look at the bigger picture and investigate the issues further on their own."

In "honoring all pre-orders", the band plan to hold a "series of extremely small club shows" in November. They say, "This will not be a tour and will for the most part not be in areas we have played in a while. These shows will take place in extremely small clubs that we played in prior to take this to your grave. Tickets will be very affordable and only available on day of."

Elsewhere on a separate blog, the band's bass guitarist, Pete Wentz, announces that the album is set for December-16 release date. "Though this is not the date we had originally planned nor the optimal date according some demographic marketing analysis, we put our eight feet down told our label it must come out this year," he comments on the album's new release date which will be predated by Guns N' Roses' upcoming effort's release schedule. "We're already bummed enough that 'Chinese Democracy' is gonna beat us to release."

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