Demi Lovato Talks Fellow Disney Stars Joe Jonas, Miley Cyrus, Hilary Duff

Demi Lovato

In a recent interview with Entertainment Weekly she insisted she and Joe are just friends and she has no hard feeling towards Miley who has poked fun at her.
Sitting down with Entertainment Weekly for an interview, Demi Lovato clears up the rumors surrounding her these days, discussing such issues as report on her dating Joe Jonas and the much reported feud between her and Miley Cyrus. She, moreover, also talks about looking up to another Disney star Hilary Duff as her role model.

Rumored to have dated her "Camp Rock" co-star Joe, Demi insisted that despite playing lovers on-screen she and Joe are tour mates and friends. "Joe and I never dated. We're really good friends," she told Entertainment Weekly. "I just think it's funny that people try to pin me to them. It's like, Oh, come on! I think [if I were going to], I would have dated one of them by now!" she continued saying referring to the Jonas Brothers.

Befriending Joe and his famous brothers, Demi gives them credit for helping her to earn her big breakthrough, saying "Imagine being new to Disney, and your first big job is being the romantic interest of one of the biggest heartthrobs on the channel. Any girl that is a friend of the Jonas Brothers gets hate mail and is automatically suspected as a girlfriend."

Putting to rest the rumors that claimed she and Miley are feuding, she told the magazine she really doesn't know the "Hannah Montana" star very well. Being asked about Miley's YouTube video that poked fun on her and best friend Selena Gomez, Demi admitted she didn't let it bother her. "We didn't take offense or think it was a negative or a positive. It was just like, OK, cool, Hannah Montana knows who I am!" she told the magazine. "She gave me advice on publicity and making it big, and she was like, 'I hope you're very successful.'"

Despite all the false rumors, Demi claimed she is looking up to Hilary as her role model, telling Entertainment Weekly, "I mean, I'm sure she made mistakes, but you never saw them. I think it's really cool that someone can grow up and continue to be looked up to by young girls."

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