Hollywood Celebs Send Well Wishes to Travis Barker and DJ AM

Travis Barker

Several famous celebrities offer their well wishes and prayers for Travis and AM, hoping them to fully recover soon.
Quickly responding to the plane crash that was experienced by Travis Barker and DJ AM on Friday night, September 19, a number of Hollywood celebrities have sent their well wishes to both men who currently are being treated at Doctors' Hospital in Augusta for second- and third-degree burns. Among those who react on the incident are Jamie Kennedy, David Spade, Kathy Griffin, Lauren Conrad, Lindsay Lohan, and Samantha Ronson.

Jamie, David, Kathy and Lauren were all enjoying the Entertainment Weekly's pre-Emmy party at the historic Beverly Hills Post Office on Saturday night, September 20 when they were asked about the tragic plane crash. Working together with Travis on his comedic reality show "Blowin' Up," Jamie told E! "I just hope to God-and I pray-that they're okay and they get through it ... My heart goes out to the four victims' family for sure, and I do hope that DJ and Travis do pull through. And they are gonna pull through."

David, on the other hand, had some words of wisdom to share, saying "Sometimes you wind up in those little planes, and there's always a point where you feel like something might go wrong ... It just scares me, I feel for them, and it makes me rethink everything ... Everyday that you live is a good one. I hope they'll pull out of it all right. I think everyone's pulling for them."

Kathy and Lauren apparently had the same thought about the crash, calling it as "scary" and "wake -up call" for other people who often take the planes. "My prayers are with them," Lauren added. Lindsay and Samantha, meanwhile, have offered their hopes and prayers on their blogs.

The plane crash that happened to Travis and AM took place in Columbia, South Carolina. The crash killed four of its six passengers, pilot Sarah Lemmon, co-pilot James Bland, Travis' assistant Chris Baker, and security guard Charles Still.

In the wake of the crash, Travis' former wife Shanna Moakler and AM's then girlfriend Mandy Moore quickly flew to Georgia to be by the men's sides. And while investigation is still undergoing to find the cause of the crash, early prediction mentioned tire blowout might lead to the incident.

"The cockpit voice recorder went on for two hours, but the last 18 minutes were most pertinent, because those words proved that it was a tire blowout that [may have] caused the crash killing four people," People quoted Debbie Hersman, board member of the National Transportation Safety Board in Washington, D.C. as saying.

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