Selena Gomez Not Against Dating Rock Stars, Reveals Her Dream Man

Selena Gomez

Openly admitting that she likes a guy who's shy and creative, she insisted she isn't against having rock stars as boyfriends but wouldn't mention the reason.
Still keeping her lips sealed about rumors that she's dating Nick Jonas, Selena Gomez however has stated that she isn't against dating rock stars. She and her actress friend Jennifer Stone were quizzed by OK! magazine about the men of their dreams. And while Jennifer admitted to like "the shabby-looking guys, like Johnny Depp and Emile Hirsch", Selena said she likes a guy who's shy and creative.

Jennifer then continued telling OK! "And I'm always attracted to actors - it's not good, but, hey, at least it's not rock stars!" Selena was quick to react on Jennifer's reference to rock stars, telling OK! she doesn't rule out dating rock stars. Not making straight reference to her alleged romance with Nick, she simply insisted "no, I'm not. I'm going to say that - no I'm not" when being asked if she definitely is against having rock stars as boyfriends.

Personal life aside, Selena has been busy promoting her straight to DVD movie "Another Cinderella Story". She was seen attending its premiere at the Grove Pacific Theaters in Los Angeles on Sunday, September 14.

Meeting the press and a throng of fans, Selena was quoted as saying that aside from her role in the film, in real life she's looking forward to date "someone who is honest, someone who can make me smile like no other and somebody I can have fun with."

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