Avoiding NC-17 Rating, 'Make a Porno' Holds On Nude Scene

Avoiding NC-17 Rating, 'Make a Porno' Holds On Nude Scene

Having lowered his upcoming comedy' rating from 'NC-17' to 'R', Director Kevin Smith has revealed in recent interview that 'Zack and Miri Make a Porno' will still contain a full frontal nudity shot.
Though director Kevin Smith had to fight hard to lower "Zack and Miri Make a Porno" rating from 'NC-17' to 'R', he apparently won't leave the nudity out of the picture. Sitting down with MTV, the director revealed that "Make a Porno" audience will still be presented with a full frontal nudity from one of the actors, Jason Mewes.

When asked by the music network whether he will still display the shot of full-frontal nudity he and Seth Rogen teased earlier, Smith undoubtedly answered, "Yeah! You get one definitive ba-- shot then you get a bonus ba-- shot in the movie later on. It's all of [Jason] Mewes. You get to see every inch of Mewes in this movie."

"He was rather courageous about it...Took him a while to be convinced, though. It was shocking, actually, how long it took me to convince him, considering that this is a dude that if you know him five minutes will take his co-- out anyway," he further said. "But the idea, I guess, of doing it on film - preserving it - gave him a slight pause. And then he immediately was like, 'OK, I'm gonna do it.'"

Despite the nudity, Smith explained that most of the sex scenes included in the movie may not be as erotic as people imagine. "It's a comedically drawn caricature of not just sex, but porno sex," he confessed. "We live in the age of the Internet. If teenagers wanted to be titillated, it's not going to be by this movie, it's going to be some hard-core pornography. That seemed to work [with the MPAA]." The complete interview can be read at MTV.

From the director of 1997 romantic comedy-drama "Chasing Amy", "Make a Porno" is a Weinstein Company's comedy movie about two lifelong platonic friends needing quick cash. Deeply entangled in debts, Zack and Miri try to find a way to make lots of money in short time and come out with an idea to produce an amateur porn movie. Starring Rogen and Elizabeth Banks, the flick comes out on October 31.

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