Backstreet Boys Start New Album's Work

Backstreet Boys

The pop group are not wasting any time to release the follow up for their latest outing "Unbreakable" after revealing to the press that they have already started to record new materials.
Although they are still busy with their tour, pop group Backstreet Boys seem keen to release a new album soon. The latest reports said that the group have already started to work on the follow up to "Unbreakable", that was dropped on October 30, 2007.

Speaking to Backstreet's Howie Dorough revealed that the group have already recorded some new tracks during their European tour. Howie also stated that the group will finish the work for their sixth studio album after their North American tour dates ends on September 6.

Confirming about that news, Howie said, "We're looking at getting back into the studio quite quickly". He also hopes that Backstreet's new album will be outed at least in early 2009 saying, "We want to hopefully have something ready to go or at least be heavily into it by the end of the year and have something out towards the beginning of next year."

Beside talking about his group's new record plan, on the interview Howie also revealed that he and his bandmate A.J. McLean are also preparing to drop their solo albums. The singer said that he's upcoming solo project is still half-way from done while A.J.'s is almost finished.

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