Jane's Addiction Plan to Reunite Again

Jane's Addiction Plan to Reunite Again

An exciting news arrives from the hard rock act who reportedly are planning to get together once again to make new music.
Jane's Addiction reportedly will follow the footsteps of Extreme and Van Halen by planning to reunite again to record new material. The comeback plan for the rock act was hinted by the band's vocalist Perry Farrel in an interview with NME.com.

Shouting out about the reunion plan, Perry said, "I sure would be open for it now, It sounds exciting to me as a listener. I just like to go out with people I think make beautiful music. As I say, we're not making war, we're making music, so how bad could it be?" However, the singer also added that to get the band working together again won't be an easy job saying, "We've got to figure out a common ground, Jane's Addiction is a very inflammable group -- there's a lot of very strong personalities."

Although getting his bandmates together would be hard, Perry insisted is would be worth trying. "I still think it would be worth it to get Jane's Addiction together because the people and the party that could ensue from that would be so amazing it's worth making up over," he said.

Moreover, Perry also stated that the meeting to discuss the reunion plan will be held anytime soon and he also believes that the reunion will happen at last. "Meetings. We're actually gonna have a meeting -- it's planned for sometime soon. But I'm not promising anything. One day I could just get so hot I could think I can't do it. But I'm probably old enough now that I think I can do it," said Perry.

Until this year the band have broken up two times, the first one happened in 1991 and the latest one occurred in 2003 after having a short brief of reunion in 2001. The band recently got back together with all of their original members to perform a one-off gig at the NME USA Awards on April 23 this year. It seems like the recent concert has lifted the band to reunite once again. Previously, before Perry's statement, other two members of the band, guitarist, Dave Navarro and bassist Eric Avery have both stated that they are willing to get together again.

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