'Friday the 13th' Video: A Glimpse of Voorhees' Mask

'Friday the 13th' Video: A Glimpse of Voorhees' Mask

The remake to the 1980 horror slasher movie has gotten an on-set video and it exposes for the first time the hockey mask to be used by Jason Voorhees in the movie.
Jason Voorhees' mania prepare for a thrill ride. Since the horror thriller movie about the iconic serial slasher, "Friday the 13th", has fallen into production earlier, an on-set video is bound to be outed soon after. True to that, MTV have presented a brand new video showing behind-the-scene look into the Marcus Nispel-directed movie and showing the new Voorhees' trademark mask.

The footage kicks off with the appearance of the film's female lead Amanda Righetti. In a brief introduction, the actress invites the audience to get a closer look into the production of the horror remake project. The video then continues by showing bits of the on-set shooting involving Righetti and Jared Padalecki. Halfway through the video, viewers then get to see up-close the signature hockey mask worn by Voorhees followed by the closing speech from Voorhees' depicter, Derek Mears.

The reboot of the Sean S. Cunningham's 1980 horror movie of the same name is currently undergoing production. The movie which script is provided by Damian Shannon and Mark Swift is said to follow a group of councilors who become target of the masked slasher when they are looking to reopen a camp for special need kids. It is set to release the scare on Friday, February 13, 2009.

"Friday the 13th" On-Set Video:

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