Amy Winehouse Made Racist Humor, Then Issued Apology

Amy Winehouse

The British singer has been caught in yet another shameful video which shows her being surrounded by evidence of drugs and singing racist chants.
Amy Winehouse keeps going from one low to another. The troubled singer was caught in yet another shameful video which shows her surrounded by evidence of drugs and sang a racist song. The video, which was taken from the early days of her marriage to husband Blake Fielder-Civil last year, was reportedly handed to the News of the World by a friend.

It was reported that the home video footage was taken by Blake, who is currently in prison facing trial for GBH and conspiracy to pervert the course of justice, in May 2007 after their top secret wedding in Miami. The clip shows Amy and a female friend singing racist football chants to the tune of children's song "Heads, Shoulders, Knees and Toes."

The two companions were overheard singing "Blacks, Pakis, Gooks and Nips, Gooks and Nips; Blacks, Pakis, Gooks and Nips, Gooks and Nips; Deaf and dumb and blind and gay; Blacks, Pakis, Gooks and Nips, Gooks and Nips."

During the first line, Amy could be seen pulling at the corners of her eyes when referring to "nips" but then by the end, pushing up her boobs to indicate to her nipples. A coffee table could also be seen in the background, displaying six cigarette lighters and a substance which looks like heroin on a foil.

In companion with the video, News of the World has also made public several photos, one of which shows Amy and Blake in bed together, exchanging white pills held on the end of their tongues. To make matter worse, it as well is claimed that Blake was also heard encouraging Amy to perform oral sex on him in the public stairwell of a hotel.

Amy's latest shocking video could possibly endanger her career in the music industry as it comes just days after senior United Kingdom police officer Sir Ian Blair called for celebrities who were caught taking drugs on camera to be put on trial.

While there have yet words from the authorities concerning that matter, Amy herself already offered an apology, said sorry to the paparazzi on her doorstep Sunday morning, June 8 for her racist attempt at humor.

News of the World has the reported video and pictures.

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