Amy Winehouse Confirmed for Nelson Mandela's 46664 Concert

Amy Winehouse Confirmed for Nelson Mandela's 46664 Concert

Amy Winehouse is said to be 'honored' in participating at the charity event that will be honoring the former South African leader.
It has now been officially confirmed that Amy Winehouse will appear at Nelson Mandela's charity concert on June 27 in London's Hyde Park. The troubled singer along with Queen, Leona Lewis, Sugababes and Annie Lennox will make performances in honor of the former South African President who will turn 90 on July 18.

A spokesperson for Winehouse said that the singer is indeed "proud" and "honored" to be made part of the event. Further Tim Massey, the director of the event which is dubbed 46664 after Mandela's number while a prisoner, confirmed the involvement saying, "We are delighted Amy will be appearing at Hyde Park."

Others who are scheduled to appear are Soweto Gospel Choir and the reunited band Simple Minds. However, this won't be a mere music event as many other celebrities such as Robert DeNiro, Oprah Winfrey, Will Smith, Forest Whitaker and former U.S. President Bill Clinton are expected to attend.

On other Winehouse news, the singer who has hit the lows in the past few months, has kicked off a string of gig duties this summer at Rock in Rio Festival in Lisbon, Portugal on Friday, May 30. However, true to her troubled nature, Winehouse popped up more than half an hour late. "Hey Lisbon," she said, "I'm sorry I'm late."

Winehouse's performance was not one that a singer can be proud of since her voice reportedly suffered from hoarseness and she repeatedly apologized to the audience for it. The "Rehab" singer has been warned by her team to keep her credibility during the show straight for it is claimed to be an important point in her music career.

"Both the record company and bookers in the States are using this weekend's gig as a marker to see whether Amy is up to it or is still totally unreliable," a source told The Sun. "A relaxation therapist and a masseuse are being lined up to assist the Back to Black singer whenever she feels troubled. A nutritionist is also on hand to help her with her eating."

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