B-Side Tracks of Ellen Page's 'Juno' to Hit Digitally

B-Side Tracks of Ellen Page's 'Juno' to Hit Digitally

'Juno B-Sides: Almost Adopted Songs' will be exclusively available on iTunes featuring a song by Ellen Page called 'Zub Zub' that was written by Diablo Cody.
Following the success of "Juno" soundtrack that was released in January this year, Rhino Records will be releasing "Juno B-Sides: Almost Adopted Songs" a second volume of tracks taken from the Academy Awards winning film. It contains 15 tracks that are not available in the first edition including a cut score performed by Ellen Page and written by the flick's scribbler, Diablo Cody.

"Zub Zub" is a song that Page, the main cast of the film, performed in one of the scenes that got cut due to time limit. In the song Page croons "He filled me with baby batter/then we ate some orange tic tacs after." The film's director Jason Reitman recalled the particular frame, "I just remember directing with my daughter strapped to my chest in a BabyBjorn and the whole crew watching on as Ellen noodled around on guitar."

Also back in the B-side is Kimya Dawson who this time gives in the opening credit of the film and a cover of "All I Want Is You". Reitman wrote on the liner notes, "None of these songs made the movie, but they are all essential members of the Junoverse".

The first "Juno" soundtrack peaked at #1 on Billboard Hot 200 chart. The "Juno B-Sides" will be available exclusively on iTunes for $9.99 on April 8 but a physical release is not yet planned.

Official Tracklisting of "Juno B-Sides: Almost Adopted Songs":
  1. Twentieth Century Fox Fanfar - Kimya Dawson
  2. Me and You - Barry Louis Polisar
  3. My Wandering Days Are Over - Sebastian
  4. Kite - Mateo Messina
  5. Viva la Persistance
  6. Little Baby - The Bristols
  7. I'm Into Something Good - Jr. James & The Late Guitar
  8. Meet The McGruffs - Mateo Messina
  9. Once I Loved - Astrud Gilberto
  10. All I Want Is You - Kimya Dawson (solo)
  11. Learning the Game (single version) - Buddy Holly
  12. Meet the Lorings - Mateo Messina
  13. Besame Mucho - Trio Los Panchos
  14. You Can Have It All - Yo La Tengo
  15. Zub Zub - Ellen Page

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