'Juno' Scribe Weighs in on 'Barbie' Oscars Snub, Prefers Billion-Dollar Movie to Oscar Win
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Diablo Cody has offered her two cents on this year's controversial Academy Award nominations, insisting that having a commercial success is better than Oscar nod.

AceShowbiz - Diablo Cody would exchange her Oscar for a billion-dollar movie. The 45-year-old writer took home the Best Original Screenplay award for her work on the hit comedy film "Juno" but admitted, after Ryan Gosling received an Academy Award nomination for his role as Ken in the box-office smash "Barbie" whilst his co-star Margot Robbie and writer/director Greta Gerwig were snubbed completely, that she would rather have the financial success the movie generated in the first place.

"Here's what I'm going to say. Obviously, of course, I think Greta deserved a nomination and so did Margot. But they made a billion dollars on that movie, okay? I would trade my Oscar for a billion-dollar movie right now if I could flip a switch! Sorry if that's disrespectful to the Academy," she told People.

The comedy film based on the iconic Mattel doll garnered a total of eight nominations for the upcoming ceremony whilst its summer rival "Oppenheimer" got 13 and Diablo insisted that the movie's commercial success must have been "satisfying" for all concerned, especially as it must've been such a "tough project" to start with.

She said, "They made a billion dollars and they got eight nominations across the board. Margot got nominated as a producer, which I think, knowing what she has been trying to do in her career, I feel like that must've been incredibly satisfying for her. And Greta created a phenomenon."

"I'm telling you, that was a tough project. Having worked on [a Barbie project] made me respect it all the more, because that is a very challenging property to take and turn into something real. And they did it. So you could call it a snub, but I think that what they achieved is probably bigger than those individual nominations."

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