Amy Winehouse Poses Nude to Raise Breast Cancer Awareness

Amy Winehouse

Amy Winehouse poses naked for the April 2008 edition of British magazine "Easy Living" to raise awareness of breast cancer.
Amy Winehouse takes her clothes off in a magazine shoot. The troubled singer poses naked for the April 2008 issue of British magazine, "Easy Living," in a bid to raise awareness about breast cancer among young women.

In the black and white shot, taken by photographer Carolyn Djangoly, Amy is pictured with just a guitar which is strategically used to cover her genital and two pieces of duct tape to cover her nipples. Amy decided to bare all in aid of the Lavender Trust at Breast Cancer Care which helps more than 8000 women under 50 diagnosed with breast cancer every year.

"I'm really pleased to be supporting this project as I feel it's so important that people understand breast cancer affects young people as well as older women," Amy said in a statement.

Besides Amy, singer Sade and actress Helena Bonham Carter have also stripped off for the project.

In other Amy news, she is reported to have installed a $20,000 recording studio in her North London apartment so that she can get away from her junkie pals. She reportedly was encouraged to set up the home studio by her parents Mitchell Winehouse and Janis Winehouse.

"Amy's family have warned her that now she's on the mend, this is one way she will be able to get her life completely on track," a source revealed. "Although they realize $20,000 for a home studio is a lot of money, they know she faces less chance of being distracted by her former friends who did little to prevent her public decline if she's working at home. This is why you will see Amy clearing out her flat with her pal Tyler - who is a good influence on her - because she is getting ready to install all the equipment."

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