Lily Allen Angers Organizers for Isle of Wight Cancelation

Lily Allen

Lily Allen pulled out of the festival to record her second album, sending the organizers to rage.
Lily Allen is behind the schedule to release her second album and therefore is canceling a scheduled slot at Isle of Wight Festival. Organizers of the music and art event are pretty disappointed towards her decision to pull back but refuse to replace her with another act.

Organizer John Giddings reckons that Allen and her camp may face some troubles that they snub people's chance to see her perform. "I think the poor girl has got a few problems," he said. "I didn't book a record, I booked an artist. I read in the tabloids a load of different reasons (for the cancellation). Unfortunately this country has developed some great new girl singer-songwriters, but they seem to be having a few problems don't they?"

Gidding continued that he finds the cancellation is "disappointing" and that it shows the artist's lack of "responsibility to their audience". Still he added, "It's a good job she (Allen) pulled out now and not the day before. I wish her the best I hope she sorts herself out."

Gidding said that there won't be a replacement for Allen at the sold-out festival that takes place June 13 to 15. Instead, they will use the money that supposed to be Allen's fee to make the venue more eco-friendly. "...I'd rather use the money to do that and make the audience experience better, than just book another group," Giddings said.

Earlier this week, it was reported that Allen has turned to a psychologist to help her deal with depression. "Her miscarriage was a huge blow and she hasn't really recovered," a pal of Allen said. "She has tried to put on a brave face but she found she needed to get some professional help. She is responding well to treatment and is pleased that she is being allowed out to film her TV show and to keep in touch with the friends supporting her."

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