Josh Hartnett to Star in a Papier-Mache World of 'Bunraku'

Josh Hartnett

At Sundance Film Festival, the 'Pearl Harbor' star revealed that he will portray 'The Drifter' in an upcoming flick based on a 400-year-old form of Japanese puppet theater
Josh Hartnett is reportedly is working on a brand new film project entitled "Bunraku". The 29-year-old actor revealed to MTV News at Sundance Film Festival that he is going to Romania to do the film which is based on a 400-year-old form of Japanese puppet theater.

To the music network, the star of "Pearl Harbor" let out that the movie would be resembling Frank Miller-adapted comic "Sin City". He said "It's a story of revenge...My character is called 'The Drifter,' and he comes into this world that doesn't look like anything like you've ever seen before. It's in the vein of 'Sin City' or something like that, where the world doesn't look like reality at all."

Further, he compared the film to the work of Michel Gondry and Alfred Hitchcock's "Rope" in the sense that his new film project will be presented as if it has been shot in one long, unedited take. He also explained that the film that will incorporate CGI and traditional puppetry is going to contain hardcore action as well as to have unique characters stating, "[The script] has a lot of fight sequences in it, but it's more about these crazy characters...Like my character, he's a gypsy and he's coming into town and he's got something to prove - and no one really knows what he's about."

About the film's cast, the co-star of Leelee Sobieski and Chris Klein in "Here on Earth" confessed that the cast hasn't been confirmed yet. He stated, "All the cast isn't set yet, but it's going to be a lot of really interesting actors, in this weird kind of papier-mache world."

Hartnett's breakthrough to the film industry came with his role as John Tate in "Halloween H20: 20 Years Later" in which he plays opposite Jamie Lee Curtis. Following his considerably successful first film, the native Minnesota starred in various kind of feature films, naming some are "The Virgin Suicides", "Black Hawk Down", "Hollywood Homicide", "The Black Dahlia" and "Lucky Number Slevin". He recently can be seen starring as up-and-coming sports writer Erik Kernan in "Resurrecting the Champ", while his latest drama film "August" has been previewed at Sundance and is expected to be released sometime in 2008.

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