Sheryl Crow's Love Is Free Music Video Released

Sheryl Crow's Love Is Free Music Video Released

The music video of Sheryl Crow's 'Love is Free' has been released on-line.
The music video of Sheryl Crow's official first single 'Love is Free' from her 2008 album 'Detours' premiered on-line. In the music video , the blues rock singer as often can be seen singing accompanied by her acoustic guitar. As the previous music video showcasing another single from the album 'Shine Over Babylon', it also picks up the environmental and poverty issues.

The video was started in black and white nuance showing Crow walking toward a boat bringing along her guitar. As she rides the boat, colors filled the screen. It depicted situation where wrecks along the river Crow's is passing were scattering everywhere and people are playing music and having fun on top of the wreckages.

Prior to this official music video, the video of 'Shine Over Babylon' was released in mid November 2007. Meanwhile, 'Detours' which concept Crow said is heavier since it is, as quoted, "about the reality of what's around us", is expected to be released in February 5, 2008.

Sheryl Crow's "Love is Free" Video:

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