Amy Winehouse Working With Babyshambles, Pete Doherty Confirmed

Amy Winehouse Working With Babyshambles, Pete Doherty Confirmed

Just shortly after announcing her break from tour, Amy Winehouse went to the studio with Babyshambles to work on a song.
Pete Doherty who is frequently associated to fellow troubled singer Amy Winehouse, confirmed that he and his band, Babyshambles, are making a collaboration with her entitled 'You Hurt the Ones You Love'.

"Who would I most like to collaborate with? Amy Winehouse," Doherty told "We were working on something last night, actually. It's called 'You Hurt the Ones You Love.'"

This project occurs in the time slot where Winehouse announced her break from touring for health concern. Doherty revealed that they hit the studio together just before Wednesday, November 28.

Meanwhile, Winehouse was snapped by paparazzi, looking disoriented and half naked outside a friend's house on Sunday (December 2) morning. Daily have acquired the photos.

A fruitful project from Amy this month can be seen through her collaboration with former Sugababes' singer Mutya Buena in 'B Baby Boy'. The music video has just been premiered although Winehouse is missing from it.

Mutya Buena, 'B Baby Boy' feat Amy Winehouse:

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