Revealed, List of Studios' Priorities of Movies to Be Made Before the Strike

Revealed, List of Studios' Priorities of Movies to Be Made Before the Strike

Among those are big titles like "Justice League of America", "G.I. Joe", "Thor", and "Monster Hunter."
With the impending Writers Guild, Directors Guild, and Screen Actors Guild strike next year, many are wondering which movies the film studios put priority over before the strike hits in June 2008. Lucky for us, a full list of titles selected has already been put online by, which also contains handfuls of interesting info about some of them and the directors attached.

Along with the revelation, the site, however, does warn that some of the helmers mentioned may not have actually signed on or agreed to make the flick their next projects. Meanwhile, here are some points worth to take notice of from the list:

  • George Miller is listed in parentheses for "Justice League of America."
  • Stephen Sommers, surprisingly, is not listed as "G.I. Joe" director though his hiring was recently announced by Hasbro via Variety.
  • Guy Ritchie's name is submitted into Warner Bros. Pictures' "Dirty Dozen."
  • Robert Redford will direct "Against All Enemies."
  • Brad Silberling is attached to develop "Land of the Lost."
  • Steve Pink is confirmed to helm "Fletch Won."
  • Justin Lin will return to the director's chair in "The Fast and the Furious 4."
  • Drew Barrymore is set to make her feature directorial debut in a film called "Whip It."
  • Justin Chadwick and Wayne Kramer are listed as possible helmers for a movie seemingly titled "Seventh Samurai."
  • John Whitesell is poised to direct a film project titled "Meatballs" for Lionsgate Films.
  • Wolfgang Petersen is listed as the director for a movie called "Alien Uprising."
  • David Dobkin will helm "Monster Hunter."
  • Production on Matthew Vaughn's "Thor" is being fast-tracked before the strike.
  • Summit is trying to get rolling on Nicole Kidman and Naomi Watts starrer "Need."
  • Eli Roth's "Cell" and Jean-Pierre Jeunet's "Life of Pi" are also included in the list, leading to an assumption that they will enter production soon.

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