Alleged Magneto Story Details Hit the Net

Alleged Magneto Story Details Hit the Net

Pic is said to see the title character goes Nazi hunting from Paris to Israel after the tragic deaths of his wife and daughter.
Though the basic premise of "Magneto" has already been revealed by the filmmakers, little is known about the plot details for the anticipated project until now. But it seems has got grip on the matter as it claimed to have obtained exclusive details on events told in the movie.

Stating the flick will reunite Ian McKellen and Patrick Stewart as the titular character and his fellow mutant Professor X, respectively, the site openly informed that pic is book-ended with two scenes in Poland at the 60th Anniversary of the Auschwitz Liberation which take place within the timeframe of the first three "X- Men" films.

Story is said to begin by taking a cue from Bryan Singer’s "X-Men" where young Erik Lehnsherr breaks the Auschwitz gates to then see him get subjected to horrendous experiments by a team of scientists led by vicious Nazi Dr. Kleinmein. Fast forward to some years later, Lehnsherr is noticed to have married to Magda who gives him a daughter named Anya. Things, unfortunately, turn into different direction when he spots an abusive prison guard from the concentration camp and ends up the man’s life by his hands.

The killing apparently ignites the townspeople’s rage, leading them to burn down Lehnsherr’s home with his wife and daughter killed in the blaze. From there, the film follows him goes Nazi hunting in Paris, Argentina, and Israel, where he meets Charles Xavier aka Professor X.

Completing its scoop, further added that fans can expect the appearances of some other familiar faces in this "X-Men" spin-off, like a young and old version of Senator Kelly as well as Victor Creed aka Sabretooth and Mystique.

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