EON Productions won't film "Bond 22" at Prague's Barrandov Studios where it previously took primary shoots on "Casino Royale."

AceShowbiz - The suave British agent won't be coming back for more to the Czech Republic's Prague, that's for sure.

Yes, Variety has confirmed that EON Productions, the London-based company producing the James Bond film series, has concluded to not return to the city's Barrandov Studios in filming "Bond 22" and has already informed the company about the decision, citing the lack of financial incentives in the country.

EON, started by film producers Albert R. Broccoli and Harry Saltzman in 1961, previously used Barrandov to primarily shoot "Casino Royale" as well as to carry out the choreography and stunt coordination practice for the flick. With its resolution of not using the studio anymore, the company is now basing "Bond 22" at UK's Pinewood Studios instead, slating to begin production on the project there in December this year.

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