Movies Listed in Rotten Tomatoes' Comix Worst to Best

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Rotten Tomatoes has ranked pictures based on comic books from worst to best, picking up "Spider-Man 2" as the No.1 movie on the list.
Noticing the current heavy flow of big screen titles adapted from comic books, Rotten Tomatoes, website devoted to reviews, information, and news of movies, has ranked all the ninety-four movies of the kind and compiled Rotten Tomatoes' Comix Worst to Best, a list rating the worst adaptations to the best.

On the top of the chart, the site casts its choice on the 2004 blockbuster "Spider-Man 2", Sam Raimi's second installment of the web-slinger's hit tale, while picking up other 2000s releases of "American Splendor" (2003) and "Ghost World" (2001) as the first and second runner-up, respectively.

"Spider-Man 2" predecessor, "Spider-Man" (2002), is placed next on the fourth rank followed by another Marvel Comics adaptation "X-Men 2" (2003) on the fifth and David Cronenberg's 2005 effort "A History of Violence" on the sixth. Lined up in order to make the top ten of the list are "Men in Black" (1997), "Batman Begins" (2005), "Superman" (1978), and the 2002 animated feature "Metropolis."

Meanwhile, newly-released "Spider-Man 3" only makes its way to secure the thirty-fifth slot, way far below the previous two installments. One notch above the flick seats Zack Snyder's epic saga "300" with recent titles of "Superman Returns" and "V for Vendetta" taking higher positions, the former seating on number seventeen and the latter on number twenty-two.

As for the worst comic book-based flick, the site throws the title to 2005's "Son of the Mask", a Lawrence Guterman-directed movie which got deemed Worst Remake or Sequel at Razzie Awards held last year. Also placed on the bottom row are "Elektra" (2005), "Catwoman" (2004), and two "Garfield" movies as well as 20th century Fox's "Pathfinder" (2007). To see the complete list, please go to .

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