Evanescence Crumbling Down, LeCompt and Gray Speak Up

John LeCompt expressed his disappointment towards the firing while Rocky Gray revealed management's secret in Evanescence.
Evanescence is going through another line up change as guitarist John LeCompt and drummer Rocky Gray bid their goodbye to the band. Though not obviously showing any clash especially after recent release of "The Open Door" (2006), both LeCompt and Gray speak up about vocalist Amy Lee's management that stands against them.

First statement released by LeCompt on May 4 revealed that he was fired from the band without given any time to defend the situation. He said, "I'm done and I'm pretty upset about it. Amy called and fired me today. There's absolutely no loyalty in this band." He continued by writing on his blog that Amy gave him no chance for negotiations or even early warning.

He was eventually disappointed at this saying, "Our common goal was always the same. To make Evanescence the best rock band it could ever be. I have always given blood, sweat and tears to make that happen but apparently that is not enough. I have now become just another of the people fallen by the wayside on the revolving door of her life. It's funny how many of us there are now. I guess it's good for lyrical content, though. Maybe I will be among the blessed to have a song written about me, too. Maybe the song will be 'Call Me When You're Broke'."

A couple of days later Gray also gave his statement that he was banned by the same management from publicizing any statement regarding his departure. Gray wrote, "Amy Lee's management emailed me last night to tell me that, in their view, the contract I signed to record, perform and tour with the group says I'm not allowed to have any free speech in regard to Evanescence. They way they spin it, I'm not even allowed to say I quit the group, I guess. But the news is out there, so, there ya' go. I need to have a lawyer read over all that mess to tell me what, when and how I can tell you all- the REAL FANS- what really went down, if I ever can, haha."

Amy's party meanwhile, does not leave this matter open wide without their side of story. Amy on behalf said diplomatically, "Evanescence is alive and well. John and Rocky were in Evanescence for four years and we shared some great times together playing live, but they were ready to move on and so we have parted ways. Evanescence is something I have loved and nurtured since I was fourteen, and I will continue to protect and fight for it as I always have."

She went on saying the band's scheduled tour will not come in effect by this change and asked fans to keep their eyes and ears open for possible replacement. "Terry, Tim and I are very excited to play live with some amazing new musicians and we will rock harder than ever".

Rumor behind the firing has it that both LeCompt and Gray were too involved in the band Machina that they created as a side project in 2005. Evanescence itself has gone through a formation change a number of times. In 2003, guitarist Ben Moody left the band due to creative differences and had Terry Balsamo to replace his post. Three years later, bassist Will Boyd also quit for personal reason and forced guitarist Tim McCord to switch instrument.

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