Evanescence Set to Release Comeback Album in March 2021

The Amy Lee-fronted band have announced official release date for 'The Bitter Truth', their new studio album in almost a decade following their eponymous effort in 2011.

AceShowbiz - Evanescence's new album "The Bitter Truth" has been handed a release date of 26 March (21).

The long-awaited record will be the band's first album of original material in almost a decade, following their self-titled effort in 2011.

Evanescence have released a new single, "Yeah Right", to mark the album announcement while they've also previously released three other tracks - "Wasted on You", "The Game Is Over", and "Use My Voice" - from the upcoming record.

The band said on Twitter, "Our first album of original music in almost a decade, The Bitter Truth is available for pre-order now! Get Yeah Right, Use My Voice, The Game Is Over, and Wasted On You instantly when you pre-order. (sic)"

Amy Lee, the co-founder of the band and their frontwoman, previously admitted she approached the new album in a different way.

"This has been a different process for us. Even pre-pandemic, I wanted to do this in a different way," she explained. "Instead of getting all of our songs written and ready to go, and then going in the studio and recording it the traditional way all at once, I had been enjoying the way that we've structured our schedule the past couple of years, in that we just keep breaking things up."

"We would go on tour for about six weeks, and then come off, get a little catch-up time with our family, and then get together and write music. Then we would go back on tour, and we did a type of music and touring that was very different, with a full orchestra."

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