Mel Gibson Has Two Film Projects in Mind

Mel Gibson is intending to develop a follow-up to his 1994 flick "Maverick" while also hoping to make a biopic about former Australian Prime Minister Harold Holt.
Enjoying working on his way as director and producer besides being a renowned actor, Mel Gibson is reportedly in deep consideration to spark not only one, but two more big screen features from his skilled hands.

The first one is the follow-up to his 1994 starring vehicle "Maverick", which found him appear alongside James Garner and Jodie Foster as a wisecracking gambler attempting to raise $25,000 to enter a major five-card draw poker tournament.

"There's talk of doing another Maverick," the Oscar-winning filmmaker told the World Entertainment News Network. "Garner and I have been looking at that for a while."

Further he added: "It'd be fun to play that character again. I think audiences would probably like to see him again too," so he said. "We really cooked the first time. We've got some great ideas--I think audiences will enjoy what we've got in mind."

Meanwhile, for the second project, Gibson is said to eye chance for making a biopic of former Australian Prime Minister Harold Holt, who was presumed dead after disappearing in December 1967 just a year after becoming the country's 17th Prime Minister.

"In the 1960s, Harry went for a swim on Cheviot Beach near his pad at Portsea in Victoria and never came back. That's not even half as interesting as the life the man led," he remarked, admitting that he has always been fascinated by Holt's life and death.

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