"Ghost Rider" Still Haunts the International Market

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"Ghost Rider" continues to seat on the top spot of weekend foreign box office in its second spin.
Proving to still have enough gas to soar high and leave all of its opponents behind, "Ghost Rider" for the second time wonderfully comes out as the champ of weekend box office overseas ended February 25, 2007.

The superhero flick smoothly paves its way to collect another $16.9 million from 43 markets, lifting its foreign gross to $40.1 million to date. Making good contribution to the number are results from Germany and France which see the movie successfully pull $2.3 million and $3 million, respectively.

On the second slot, Fox's family friendly comedy "Night at the Museum" delightfully continues to seat on the spot following its good effort to add $11.2 million into its pocket from 23 territories despite the lack of any new markets. A foreign favorite for six out of the past eight weeks, the Shawn Levy-directed feat satisfyingly draws in $2.4 million in France while scoring $1.1 million in Hong Kong.

Behind these two, several titles pop up to operate in the $6 million overseas bracket over the weekend, including "Music and Lyrics" with $6.5 million, "The Pursuit of Happyness" with $6.2 million, and "Blood Diamond" with $6.1 million.

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