Update on MGM's Forthcoming Film Projects

MGM chairman and chief executive Harry Sloan has given new info on the studio's projects of "Pink Panther" and "Thomas Crown Affair" sequels also "The Hobbit."
Moving on with its future film projects, MGM, through its chairman and chief exec Harry Sloan, has provided few updates on the sequels of "Pink Panther" and "Thomas Crown Affair" as well as that on the anticipated "The Hobbit."

Both of "Panther" and "Affair" sequel have been revealed to begin filming next year, with the former one being shot in February while the latter the month after.

In terms of plot, "Panther" sequel's script, which is polished by the film's star Steve Martin, will still take focus on Inspector Clouseau who this time is forced to team with equally eccentric and bumbling detectives from other European nations to defeat a continent-wide crime wave.

As for "The Hobbit", Sloan confirmed that MGM has already made early discussions with New Zealand-born filmmaker Peter Jackson for the possibility to make not one, but two features. The first would be a straight-up adaptation of the book while the second would be crafted using "footnotes and source material connecting The Hobbit with Lord of the Rings."

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