"Iron Man" Officially Hits the Summer of 2008

Iron Man picture

Marvel's comic character, "Iron Man", officialy claims to be released on May 2nd 2008!
It's official!

Following the big hits launched in the first Friday in May by "X-Men 2", and "Spider-Man", "Iron Man" is hoping to join the list of the summer's big hit movies. The first Friday in May 2008, setting the exact date to May 2nd, is firmly set as the release date for this long-postponed Marvel comic-based big screen project.

Together with Paramount Pictures, Marvel Entertainment is attaching Jon Favreau as the movie helm. Favreau once co-starred "Daredevil" with Ben Affleck. Several names have been confirmed to share the credit titles. Avi Arad, the creative advisor to Marvel Studios, is the producer. He is going to work under his newly launched production company, Avi Arad Productions. Arad is sharing the credit title with Kevin Feige.

This self-financed Marvel's movie plan also gets Favreau as the executive producer, joining Ari Arad and Louis D'Esposito. Under the estimated budget of $525 million of the recovering movie financing facility, "Iron Man" is going to be distributed by Marvel's overall distribution arrangement with Paramount. The production itself is scheduled to start next January.

No further details on the casts, though. Yet, Favreau highly seeks for a high-qualified actor who is still in his low profile. The story itself tells the life of the comic icon Super Hero, Anthony Edward Stark in Long Island, New York. Like any other given superhero tradition, he presumably led a happy life until his parents were assassinated. He then found bad and weird happenings started to take place, which led him to suit up as the "Iron Man" in his high-tech armor. Bears the nickname of Tony Stark, he takes the lead in Stark Enterprises, with some global scale of battles and fights against the bad deeds during his spare time.

Looking forward to having another summer hit on the first Friday in May 2008!

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