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  • Baywatch
    • Genre : Comedy, Action, Drama
    • Release Date :
    • MPAA Rating : R
    • Duration : 116 minute(s)
    • Production Budget : 69
    • Studio : Paramount Pictures
    • Official Site :
    • Reviews Rate
      Not quite bad, but it's not recommended either.

    • Readers Rate
      5 of 5

Movie Reviews

  • the rare movie that even the Teflon-coated, thousand-watt charisma of Dwayne Johnson can't save. It's possible that this sloppy, scattershot nod to '90s jiggle TV was inevitable
    Review rate : C by Chris Nashawaty [Entertainment Weekly ]
  • one of the most lacklustre comedies of the year
    1 of 5 by Nick De Semlyen [Empire Online ]
  • it ticks all the boxes, with likeable leads, crude humour and a passable narrative underneath the fun, but it all falls a bit flat in the end
    2 of 5 by Caroline Preece [Den of Geek ]
  • Baywatch brings over the top gross-out moments but forgot to bring the actual jokes
    2.5 of 5 by Gav Murphy [IGN Movies ]
  • a stupidly entertaining trash folly
    by Owen Gleiberman [Variety ]
  • a few jokes hit home - Johnson's constant ribbing of Efron for his boyband looks, for example - but this Baywatch makes the fatal mistake of assuming it's got a worthwhile story to tell
    1 of 5 by Steve Rose [The Guardian ]
  • a character acknowledging that the proceedings resemble an "entertaining but far-fetched TV show" isn't enough to make Baywatch anything more than the cynical cash grab that it is
    by Frank Scheck [Hollywood Reporter ]
  • "Baywatch" won't blow anything out of the water (except for the boat it sets on fire), but it will certainly make a splash
    Review rate : B- by Jude Dry [Indiewire ]

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