Michael Jackson Trivia
  1. His Neverland Ranch was, on August 25, 2006, under fire but no structures, including the merry-go-round, caught fire.

  2. Made his first ever public appearance since being acquitted of sex-abuse charges in 2005 on May 28, 2006 in Tokyo during which he was slated to accept MTV Japan's "Legend Award".

  3. Has his 1982 album "Thriller" chosen as the 2nd Britain's Favorite Album in the poll conducted by BBC Radio 2 to commemorate the album chart's 50th anniversary (August 2006).

  4. Has been sued by the Dinnes Memorial Veterinary Hospital owner, Martin Dinnes, in early January 2006 for unpaid bills of $91,602 as the payment for the maintenance of his pets at Neverland ranch.

  5. His "Thriller" music video was voted the Most Memorable Music Video by the viewers of MTV's "The Box" in December 2005.

  6. Has been named the Top Newsmaker of 2005 by US TV show Access Hollywood.

  7. Faced a lawsuit placed by Prescient Acquisition Group Inc. which alleged him for owing the company $48 million fee for rescuing his stake in the publishing rights of The Beatles' songs by July 2005.

  8. Wrote a special song dedicated for the victim of Katrina Hurricane in 2005.