Mena Suvari Trivia
  1. Once played on the World Poker Tour in the Hollywood Home games to benefit the Starlight Children's Foundation.

  2. Made collaboration with Echo Design to launch a limited-edition three scarf collection with a portion of the proceeds from sales going to the Natural Resources Defense Council.

  3. Is actively involved in female empowerment issues, having participated in several breast cancer charities and the "End Violence Against Women" campaign as well as touring as a "Circle Of Friends" spokesperson to encourage young women to quit smoking.

  4. Has become a model for Lancome cosmetics, appearing in print ads for Lancome Paris Adaptive.

  5. Shaved her head bald for her role in "The Garden of Eden" (2008).

  6. Joined the audition for the role of Mary Jane in "Spider-Man" (2002).

  7. Appeared in the music video of Wheatus' "Teenage Dirtbag" (2001).

  8. Was labeled the Most "Patriotic" Artist of 2000 by Entertainment Weekly Magazine as she has been in 3 consecutive movies with the word "American" on the titles, namely "American Pie" (1999), "American Beauty" (1999), and "American Virgin" (2000).

  9. Carried out the singing scene in "American Pie" (1999) on her own.

  10. Her article on the 1999 edition of People Weekly Magazine was given the title "All-American Girl."

  11. Has a high school nickname of Bean and is a vegetarian.

  12. Her first screen appearance was in the TV commercial for Rice-A-Roni.

  13. Had believed that her home in Rhode Island was haunted when she was still a child since she saw several apparitions for several years.

  14. Was named Vanity Fair's Star of Tomorrow and one of Most Promising Faces according to

  15. Likes jewelry making, photography, mountain biking, and hiking.

  16. Has the same birthday with Zhang Ziyi.

  17. Her name, Mena Suvari, is pronounced MEE-nah soo-VAHR-ee.

  18. Is named after the hotel "House of Mena" by her Egyptian godmother.