Lukas Graham
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Lukas Graham

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Soul pop band
Birth Date
Oct 21, 2019
Birth Place
Christiania, Copenhagen, Denmark
Lukas Graham Biography

%cLukas Graham% is a Danish pop-soul band consisting of drummer %cMark Falgren% a.k.a. "Lovestick" (born November 28, 1988), bassist %cMagnus Larsson%, keybordist %cKasper Daugaard% (born June 14, 1989) and vocalist %cLukas Graham Forchhammer% (born September 18, 1988).

The latter is a former child star, who first appeared in Danish family movie "Krummerne" when he was around 3 years old. Growing up in an alternative community in the center of Copenhagen called Freetown Christiania, he joined the Copenhagen Boys' Choir and developed not only an appreciation for classical music but also a finely trained voice. Musically, he's also influenced by %cThe Beatles%, %cThe Rolling Stones% and %cDr. Dre%, whose 2001 set "Chronic" was one of the most influential albums for Graham.

Graham and his current bandmates started their career in Denmark in late 2011, when they released two homemade YouTube videos of themselves performing their own songs, "Criminal Mind" and "Drunk in the Morning". The videos were shared on Facebook among friends, and soon they had several hundred thousand views.

The clips led Copenhagen Records to sign the band, who achieved commercial success in Denmark in October 2011 following the release of their debut single. Their first Danish tour sold over 30,000 concert tickets even though their album had not been released yet.

The band dropped their self-titled debut LP in 2012. It generated three smashes including "Drunk in the Morning" and "Better Than Yourself (Criminal Mind Pt 2)" which went to No. 1 on the singles chart in their home country and "Ordinary Things" that peaked at No. 2. "Drunk in the Morning" went on to become a hit throughout Europe.

Once they received more international exposure, they were signed to Warner Bros. Records in 2013. A second self-titled album, nicknamed the "Blue Album", was released in late 2015. The project spawned 3 No. 1 hits on the Danish singles chart, including "Mama Said", "Strip No More" and "7 Years". The latter is also an international hit, topping the charts in multiple territories like the U.K., Ireland, Australia and New Zealand. In the U.S., the song has reached No. 2 on Billboard Hot 100. It's a part of a new version of "Lukas Graham (Blue Album)" that was released as their first worldwide studio album in 2016 and debuted on Billboard 200 at No. 3.