Jon Heder
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Jon Heder

Famous As
Birth Name
Jonathan Joseph Heder
Birth Date
Oct 26, 1977
Birth Place
Fort Collins, Colorado, USA
Jon Heder Trivia
  1. Got pranked in "Punk'd" in 2005 with his twin brother Dan and close friend Darren E. included in the accomplices.

  2. Joined an audition for a role in "Zathura" (2005).

  3. Received Best Breakthrough Performance nomination at the 2005 OFCS Awards for his role in "Napoleon Dynamite" (2004).

  4. His initial acting experience included a performance in a children's stage production of "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory."

  5. Is a devout Mormon and has spent two years in Japan carrying out the traditional proselytizing mission for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

  6. Had his photo featured on the box cover of Screenlife's Quip It! board game.

  7. Can speak Japanese fluently.

  8. Considers Led Zeppelin is his favorite music band.

  9. Is the nephew of WCAU sportscaster Vai Sikahema as his father is the older brother of Sikahema's wife, Keala.

  10. Likes watching animated TV series "Futurama."

  11. Is a huge fan of things from the '70s like clothes, music, etc.