Jason Statham Trivia
  1. Was challenged by Guy Ritchie to impersonate a street con man and convinced him to buy a fake jewelry in the audition of "Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels" (1999). He successfully persuaded Guy Ritchie to purchase 4 sets.

  2. Contributed his voice in several video games, like "Red Faction II" (2002) and "Call of Duty" (2003).

  3. Conducted his stunts in "The Transporter" (2002) by himself which included the fight sequences, car chase and scuba diving scenes.

  4. Gained the 12th rank in the 1992 World Championship when he competed in the event as the British diving athlete.

  5. Had been a model for Levi's Jeans commercials.

  6. Is trained in martial arts, particularly jujitsu and kickboxing.