James Franco Trivia
  1. Tapped as the new face of Gucci by Gucci's men's fragrance (April 2008).

  2. Worked at Mc Donald's drive-through before his acting career took off.

  3. Took cameo appearances in both "The Holiday" (2006) and "Knocked Up" (2007).

  4. Had his paintings exhibited for the first time at Los Angeles' Glu Gallery throughout January 7-February 11, 2006.

  5. Originally auditioned for the role of Peter Parker in "Spider-Man" (2002), but obtained Harry Osborn part instead.

  6. Was listed in People Magazine's 50 Hottest Bachelors by the year 2004.

  7. Landed the role of Robert De Niro's son in "City by the Sea" (2002) after the actor personally recommended him to be included in the film cast upon seeing his performance in "James Dean" (2001).

  8. Got cast as Harry Osborn in "Spider-Man" (2002) partly because of his uncanny resemblance to Willem Dafoe who played his father in the film.

  9. His two pictures of 2002, "Deuces Wild" and "Spider-Man", both encountered their premiere on the same day.

  10. His most favorite episode of "Freaks and Geeks" (1999-2000) is "Test and Breasts."

  11. Missed his prom night to see several plays in Aspen, Oregon, U.S.

  12. Was voted Best Smile during his study at Palo Alto High School.

  13. His maternal grandmother runs the Verne Art Gallery in Cleveland.

  14. Likes painting and listening to classical music, especially the works of Bela Bartok and Samuel Barber.

  15. His favorite actors include Benicio Del Toro and Martin Starr.

  16. Has nicknames of Ted and Teddy.

  17. Owns a production company named Rabbit Bandini Productions.