Hugo Weaving

  • Hugo Weaving
    • Famous as : Actor
    • Birth Name : Hugo Wallace Weaving
    • Birth Date : April 04, 1960
    • Birth Place : Austin, Nigeria
    • Spouse : -
    • Claim to Fame : As Agent Smith in "The Matrix" trilogy

Hugo Weaving Biography

Hugely successful but keeping it low was what the good-natured Hugo Weaving applying in his career philosophy. The Australian actor didn't simply come up that way but the lesson that he learnt since childhood had made him genuinely refined and poised. Being born to the couple Wallace Weaving and Anne Weaving on April 4, 1960 in Nigeria, West Africa had made him appreciate the virtue of thrift and solidarity while his stay with his family in Great Britain and Australia had provided him good education. The sign of his ingenuity was first visible in his teen when he attended Queen Elizabeth's Hospital School in Bristol which was in fact one of the best academic schools in Britain. When most of the pupils there graduated with flying colors, Weaving did so by scoring distinctive As in his theater and history 'O-level'. The admiring effort didn't stop there as he felt the need of more knowledge and decidedly entered Sydney's Knox Grammar School. As his interest in theatrical production was bubbling, he beat hundreds of applicants to enroll in the famous National Institute of Dramatic Art, Kensington, Australia. Graduated in 1981 with excellent grades he confidently taking a step at a time to walk through the path to Hollywood.

Staying true to his country first, the blue-eyed actor appeared in an Australian production that portrayed the life of Australia's natives, the Aborigines. Although having low quality of picture due to the minimum budget, the movie "The City's Edge" (1983) was considered brave because it was indeed the first movie that clearly pictured the plight of the Aborigines under the Western force. Portraying a young white boy named Andy White, Weaving had imprinted a good starter kick enough to deliver him to the next enrollment in "For Love Alone" (1986), an urban romance taking set in the 1930s Australia. Then working under several other Australian productions like "Melba" (1987) and "The Right Hand Man" (1987), he tried his luck joining ABC for TV movie "Dadah Is Death" (1988) where he played opposite Sarah Jessica Parker. After that he was involved in an Australian mini series titled "Bangkok Hilton" (1989) which was claimed to be the best Australian production ever. In the series, he would be the lawyer of the main character, Katrina Stanton which was played by fellow rising Australian actress, Nicole Kidman. No matter how pleasant it felt to add such a good movie record to his list, he was most happy about the birth of his first child with partner Katrina Greenwood whom he has been together with since 1984. The baby boy who was born in 1989 was named Harry and later on the couple would have a daughter named Holly in 1993.

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