Feist Biography

Sometimes simplicity and uniqueness are what music industry longing for. At the age where fresh acts are budding, Feist maintain to hold her legacy that has been given a strong kick start with two studio albums and a remix record. It could be the easiness of her new single, '1234', or the consistency of making a music that is ultimately hers, that brought her first chart success. '1234' gained its popularity when Apple iPod Nano utilized the song in its U.K. promotion commercial. Soon, the download for the song went from 2,000 per week to a staggering 73,000 hits per week, earning itself 7th position at Hot Digital Songs chart and a #8 peak at Billboard Hot 100. At the same time, the album 'The Reminder' escalated from #38 to #28 in its 22nd week and remained at the top 50 the week after, a rare feat for indie rock musicians. With such record, the Canadian singer will have no doubt serving well music lovers looking for soothing and experimental quality.

Cutting her first name for the stage moniker, Leslie Feist may have been known as the member of Broken Social Scene first before thriving on solo career. The singer still performs with the 19-piece band, and can be thankful for it. It was all a long journey, before Feist reaches the kind of success that she achieves now. She was born on February 13, 1976 in Nova Scotia, Canada with a thick artistic blood flowing under her skin. Her father is an abstract-expressionist painter who occasionally taught at Alberta College of Art, while her mom was a student of ceramics-making at the same place. Living with her parents and a brother named Ben didn't last long. Her parents took a divorce path whereupon she chose to live with her mom and Ben in Regina, Saskatchewan. They would later move to Calgary, Alberta where Feist began the music exploration. Packed with singing in choirs experience, 15-year-old Feist braved herself joining Battle of Bands with her band Placebo (not the U.K. indie rock group). They won the competition where they were granted an opening slot for Ramones.

From then on, Feist toured for five straight years until she strained her vocal. Almost losing her chance to sing again, she moved to Toronto in 1998 where a guitar was picked as an alternate of singing. A year later, she was found in a band called By Divine Right as a guitarist. Meanwhile, her debut album 'Monarch (Lay Down Your Jeweled Head)' was released that year, although reception was still mild. In 2000 she was acknowledged to a musician friend called Merrill Beth Nisker who went by the name Peaches. With Peaches, she was given the opportunity as a background singer in the album 'The Teaches of Peaches' that was released to critical acclaim. For the next two years, she would work closely to Peaches and fellow Canadian musician, Gonzales. After that came Broken Social Scene recordings where she joined in two albums 'Feel Good Lost' and 'You Forgot It in People'. Upon moving to Paris, Feist recorded her second album. Combining jazz, bossa nova and indie rock, 'Let It Die' was hailed as one of the best Canadian albums in 2004, subsequently bringing Feist three Juno Awards nominations where two of them were snatched.

She spent the year 2006 recording in Europe an album containing remixes and collaborations titled 'Open Season'. Her third album, 'The Reminder' followed a year after and led to multiple Grammy nominations at the event's 50th annual year. She was nominated for four categories, Best Female Pop Vocal, Best Short Form Music Video for '1,2,3,4', Best New Artist and Best Female Pop Vocal for 'The Reminder'.