Feud Synopsis

The first installment of anthology series "Feud", tells the story of the legendary rivalry between two of the greatest movie stars of all time, and how they came together in 1962 to collaborate on a picture each hoped would revive their careers.

FEUD: Bette and Joan, the first installment of the new FX anthology series from Ryan Murphy, tells the story of the legendary rivalry between Joan Crawford (Jessica Lange) and Bette Davis (Susan Sarandon) during their collaboration on the Academy Award-nominated thriller What Ever Happened to Baby Jane?, and well after the cameras stopped rolling. The series explores how the two women endured ageism, sexism, and misogyny while struggling to hang on to success and fame in the twilight of their careers.

Second installment "Feud: Buckingham Palace", will centers on Prince Charles and Princess Diana --beginning with divorce and ending with Diana's death.