Episode 2.16 : The Nominations

  • Smash
    • Episode Premiere : May 26, 2013
    • Distributor : NBC
    • Genre : Drama, Musical
    • Seasons : 2
    • Show Period : 2012 - 2013
    • Production Company: DreamWorks TV, Universal Media Studios
    • Official Site :

Cast and Crew

The Story

After learning she's pregnant, Ivy wakes up in the morning and sings "Feelin' Alright" as a means of coping with the life-changing news. After Ivy falls asleep in her dressing room and is late to curtain, her friends begin to wonder if she's fallen back on her addictions again; her irritable attitude isn't helping things either. Obsessed over his Outer Critics Circle Award nod, Tom is constantly checking his phone. When he accompanies Eileen to "The Gathering Storm" and drops his phone during the performance only to find out he won (well, tied with Derek), Tom pisses off fellow patron - and Tony voter - Patrick Dillon. Could he have just derailed his Tony hopes? After the performance, Tom confesses to Agnes and Eileen that he's had a crush on Patrick for forever...

Tom isn't the only one in a frenzy over the award nominations. Ivy pretends she doesn't care that Karen took the Outer Critics Award, so much so that she insults Sam, who's won one as well. Jerry is thrilled that "Hit List" swept the Outer Critics, and has already mocked up a ton of marketing materials featuring Daisy, whom he thinks is a lock for the Tony. Jimmy's upset to learn Jerry won't be pushing hard for a nomination for Kyle. But Jimmy's appeals become secondary when Richard opens a letter indicating Ana is suing Hit List for wrongful termination - thanks to Derek and his promotion of Daisy for sexual favors. When Jimmy figures out Karen knew about it, he stalks out of Jerry's office. Derek asks Karen to tell Ana to back off - not only will she ruin his career, but her own, too! But Karen stands firm. It's too late, and it's all coming down on Derek now.

From the doctor's office, Ivy calls Derek asking to meet for a talk, but he's too preoccupied. Clearly, she's considering terminating the pregnancy. Eileen and Julia are just lamenting the personal sacrifice "Bombshell" has cost them when Tom barges into Eileen's office. He patched things up with Patrick Dillon by sending him a bottle of wine... but Eileen says there are strict rules against bribing award voters! Tom's innocent mea culpa may cost him his nomination; he immediately goes into damage control mode. Karen tells Daisy she needs to quit the show and give her role back to Ana, as it's the right thing to do. But Daisy's been struggling as an actress for 10 long years and isn't about to walk away, regardless of the circumstances.

During an interview with Michael Musto, Jimmy fumbles, suggesting Ivy's portrayal of Marilyn Monroe is mere mimicry. Jimmy gets upset when the Musto implies Julia played a bigger role than Kyle in creating "Hit List." Luckily, Karen shows up to set the record straight; but Musto warns someone should tell Julia to stop talking about Kyle - people are getting the wrong impression. In the lobby of Patrick's apartment building, Tom grabs his bottle of wine off the doorman's desk, just as Patrick arrives in the lobby. It's not long before he and Patrick are struggling for the bottle, which drops, breaks and spills all over Patrick's pants. A bad situation just got a lot worse.

After a performance of "Bombshell," Ivy is surrounded by fans. When one of them mentions Jimmy's off-handed comment about her "imitation," Ivy gets defensive and accidentally let's a rude comment slip, saying the only reason "Hit List" made it to Broadway is Kyle's death. Unfortunately, one of the fans records it all on his phone. Later, Ivy finally confesses to a concerned Sam that she's pregnant, and she's not ready to tell Derek. Sam assures her that she'd make a great mom, but Ivy wonders if she's about to ruin her career. Sam insists she has to tell Derek. Meanwhile, Ana nails an audition for "Once," but when the producers mention how highly Derek recommended her, her good feelings turn sour.

Feeling like everyone's hating on her for her "Hit List" blooper, Ivy can't bring herself to tell Derek about her pregnancy during the Outer Critics Circle Awards, but asks if they can hook up later that night. In her acceptance speech, Julia dedicates her award to Kyle. Tied for best director, Tom graciously gives Derek credit for opening up his opportunity with "Bombshell" and insists the award is all Derek's. During Daisy's speech, Ivy apologizes for her terrible comment about Kyle. Jimmy lays into Julia for damaging Kyle's chance at an award, and it's not long before Derek, Eileen, Karen and Tom are in the mix. When Eileen scolds everyone back to their seats, Karen tells Derek that Ana's going public about her "Once" audition.

It's the last night for Tony voters to see the eligible shows, and Jimmy's sick and losing his voice. Karen tells him to take the night off, and when he resists, she offers him a better option: watch the show he created from the audience. As Karen belts out "Rewrite This Story" to a sold-out audience, Jimmy enjoys the show. A distraught Eileen leaves the theater before the conclusion of "Bombshell," telling Agnes she needs her life to be about more than the show. Outside the "Bombshell" theater, Patrick approaches Tom. Patrick says there are three rules to Tony voting: first you vote for yourself, then against your enemy (which was Tom, yesterday), and then you vote with your heart. After seeing his graciousness at the Outer Critics Circle Awards, Tom has Patrick's support. Watching him go, Tom is smitten.

After "Hit List" is over, Jimmy congratulates Karen on an amazing performance; he felt like Kyle was there, watching with him in the audience. Julia shows up and tells Jimmy she's thought long and hard about what he said, and she's not going to lie about the help she gave Kyle... or the help Peter gave her on "Bombshell." Artists shouldn't be ashamed about collaboration. Jimmy understands and agrees. The two make up and wish each other success on nomination day. Suddenly, Ana arrives and whisks Karen away, saying she needs her help.

Ana and Karen approach Derek at a local bar, where Ana tells Derek she's dropped the lawsuit against him; it seems like he's going to get away with his sleazy act after all. Ana's taking the "Once" tour role. Derek appreciates her leniency and apologizes for the way things turned out. Ana's not interested in an apology, and she's not sure she can live with not exposing Derek. Having overheard the whole thing, Ivy thinks better of sharing the news of her pregnancy. As far as she's concerned, Derek's never done the right thing... and he never will.

It's the morning of the Tony nomination announcements, and Karen, Ana and Jimmy watch in her apartment as Julia, Ivy and Tom watch in his. Derek is nominated twice in the choreography category. Julia is nominated for writing, as is Kyle - surprisingly, and for Jimmy and Karen it's a huge relief. He earned it. No one's happy with Daisy's nomination. To his elated astonishment, Tom gets a nod for his score - and his direction. Derek is nominated for Director too, the second person in history to be nominated three times in one year. Karen is nominated for Best Actress, and Ivy gets one for best supporting actress for her role in "Liaisons" - which will mean she'll go up against her mother for her "Bombshell" performance - but she misses out on Best Actress. She is stunned and dejected... until the announcers realize they made a mistake. They forgot one name. Ivy Lynn is nominated for "Bombshell"!

Agnes calls Eileen with news: "Hit List" was nominated for 13 awards, and "Bombshell" received 12. Eileen gets off the phone to receive more stunning news: Nick Felder is no longer in jail; he was released three weeks ago. At Karen's place, Jimmy apologizes to Karen for pushing her away after Kyle died. He was afraid to let someone else get close to him, so thought it better to just let her go. She understands. Furthermore, after watching the show without performing in it, Jimmy now knows the show stands on its own and will survive without him.

Tom receives a congratulatory bottle of wine for his nomination... the same one he gave Patrick - from Patrick. Julia gets a call from Frank, who is furious to learn she hired Eileen's attorney to represent her at their divorce mediation. Now he's ready to take her for everything she's got now. Elsewhere, a strangely chastened Derek speaks with a reporter about the scandalous "allegations" surrounding him over the last year. Derek claims it's all about the work, before his guilty conscience takes over. He tells the reporter about his illicit agreement with Daisy Parker and says he's sorry.

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