The Shield Episode 3.15 On Tilt
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The Shield Episode 3.15 On Tilt

Episode Premiere
Jun 15, 2004
Production Company
Fox, Sony Pictures
Official Site
Episode Premiere
Jun 15, 2004
2002 - 2008
Production Co
Fox, Sony Pictures
Official Site
Scott Brazil
Glen Mazzara, Shawn Ryan
Main Cast
  • Michael Chiklis as Detective Vic Mackey
  • Walton Goggins as Detective Shane Vendrell
  • Benito Martinez
  • David Rees Snell
  • Kenny Johnson as Detective Curtis 'Lemonhead' Lemansky (voice)
  • Brian White
  • Jay Karnes
  • CCH Pounder as Detective Claudette Wyms
  • Michael Jace
  • Cathy Cahlin Ryan
  • Catherine Dent
  • Glenn Close as Capt. Monica Rawling (2005-)
Additional Cast
  • Ray Stoney
  • Kenneth Colom
  • Yasmine Delawari
  • Stana Katic as Ayla
  • Michael Tomlinson
  • Michael Benyaer
  • Cari Golden

Following the destruction of millions in money train cash, Vic has no choice but to take out Margos Dezirian. Though a raid on a heroin safehouse comes up empty-handed, it does put Vic in touch with Goma Magar, a mob associate who relays Margos' offer to end his retaliation for the theft in exchange for help in transporting the drugs out of town. However, while Vic hopes to use the deal as a way to eliminate Margos, he quickly finds that it's a trap. Meanwhile, as Julien and Danny look to help a local merchant clear his street of prostitutes and drug dealers, even after Aceveda brings the D.A. in to investigate public defender Lisa Kensit's drug abuse, Claudette gets no help in uncovering any potentially mishandled cases.