The Secret Life of the American Teenager

Episode 2.02 : What's Done is Done

  • The Secret Life of the American Teenager
    • Episode Premiere : June 29, 2009
    • Distributor : ABC Family
    • Genre : Drama
    • Seasons : 2
    • Show Period : 2008 - 2013
    • Production Company: Brendavision!, Prodco, Inc.
    • Official Site :

Cast and Crew

The Story

It's a sad morning at the Bowman residence, and Adrian's dropped by to console Grace. But Tom intercepts her at the door to say it's Grace's fault that Marshal died, since she went against his wishes by having sex with Jack. Tom also claims Adrian had something to do with that, since she's the one who made sex look so fun. No exactly a warm welcome. But it gets worse: Grace just tells Adrian to get out.

Grace may not be ready to reach out for help, but Kathleen is. She calls George to ask for a favor: She wants him to go identify Marshall's body at the airport and bring it home. Being a good ex-husband and all, he does. Now, if only Kathleen could get Grace to leave her room and stop thinking she's the reason her dad died.

Back at school, Amy's in a glum mood -- she wants to visit Grace with her mom that night, but there's no one to look after baby John. When Ben volunteers, she shoots him down abd says she wants Ricky to do it instead. Ben's not happy with that. At work, he asks Ricky how to deal and gets this advice: Just man up and go over there to babysit anyway.

No surprise, Amy's less than thrilled when she sees Ben at her door later that night. At least he has Leo and his new girlfriend, Betty, waiting outside as a backup... but that doesn't reassure Amy much.

Or wait, should we call Betty Leo's new fiancee? Yes, that's right -- sitting in the car, Leo pops the question, complete with a giant rock. Betty slips on the ring without hesitation -- and without telling Leo her real "profession." But she DOES reveal something else. She's still kind of, um, married... though she hasn't seen her husband in a long time. So before Leo and Betty can tie the knot, they need to find her old husband and get her divorced. When they tell Ben the happy news, he seems underwhelmed.

Leo and Betty aren't the only ones thinking wedlock. David asks Anne if she'll marry him. But is it just because she's pregnant with his kid? Anne seems to think so, and she's less than ecstatic about it all. Later that night, when she and Amy drop by the Bowmans to pay their respects, she's unpleasantly surprised to find George giving Kathleen a consoling back rub. (Yes, Amy did leave Ben to watch John after all, but she wasn't happy abour it.)

While Anne's confronting George about putting the moves on his grieving ex-wife, Amy's trying to console Grace. But Grace isn't having it. Instead, she claims John was a punishment for Amy's decision to have sex. Um, ouch.

When Amy gets back home from Grace's, she finds Ben next door at Ashley's, looking for diapers. Amy freaks out because he left John all alone with Leo and Betty. He retaliates by claiming that they never do anything anymore. (He's talking about sex... not that they ever "did" that before.) Amy informs him she's not planning to have sex for a long, long time... and then she storms out. Soon after, George comes home, and Ashley asks him in that no-nonsense way of hers if he really did get a vasectomy. He claims he did, but he's twitching as he's saying it, which usually means he's lying.

After a long, hard day, Adrian and Ricky have just had a little fun in her car. They're talking about everything that's happened, from Grace thinking she's killed her own father to Anne being pregnant (yeah, just about everyone knows now). But Ruben breaks up their good time with a knock on the car window. While Adrian goes inside, he has a talk with Ricky. He acknowledges their respective roles in Adrian's life and promises to set up boundaries everyone can live with. Ricky's down with that. And as for the whole having-sex-while-he's-home-thing, Ruben tells Adrian he's going to try to solve that problem by getting the three of them a real house. Adrian's so psyched, she actually hugs him and tells him she loves him. Could this be the start of a beautiful father-daughter relationship?

Finally, back at the Bowman place, Grace still isn't ready to forgive herself...or Jack. She tells him she doesn't love him anymore and won't ever have sex again. And we fade out on Jack drinking a beer on a stoop all by his lonesome in the middle of the night. Grace isn't the only one who's crying alone now...

And Anne's not the only one getting confronted. When Ben goes over to bid Amy goodnight, he says he can't wait any longer to have sex. Amy's furious, considering she's just had a baby. Doesn't help that Rickt's over all the time, taking care of the baby in Amy's room. Ricky interrupts this chat, and the boys bicker before they leave a frustrated Amy behind, with a crying John to look after.

Meanwhile, Kathleen and Tom are on their way back from dropping Marshall off at a private airport. Tom tells his mom that Grace is going to lose her virginity to Jack, which prompts Kathleen to call home. She urges GRace to call her father, since the two had a fight just before he left about whether she's ready to have sex. Grace refuses and says she wants to make the decision herself. And, considering that a shirtless Jack is sitting on her bed during this conversation, we guess she's already made up her mind.

Back at the Lee household, Ricky stops y to see Adrian, only to come face-to-face with Ruben. Naturally, this dampens the mood. But before Ricky leaves, he goes off on Ruben about all mistakes, especially abandoning Adrian and hurting Cindy. A stunned Ruben is left to think about Ricky's words... and wonder how right he might be.

So Ricky and Adrian don't get to do the deed, but Grace and Jack, of all couples, do. And Grace loves it. But she doesn't have much time to bask in the glow because, just as Jack's about to head out, Kathleen and Tom come home with terrible news: Marshall has died in a plane crash. The insident rocks the whole community, but nobody's taking it harder than Grace. How will the Bowmans survive this tragedy?






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