Episode 9.09 : Our Stuff Gets Real

  • Scrubs
    • Episode Premiere : January 12, 2010
    • Distributor : ABC
    • Genre : Drama, Comedy
    • Seasons : 9
    • Show Period : 2001 - 2010
    • Production Company: Doozer, Towers Prod., ABC, Touchstone Television
    • Official Site :

Cast and Crew

The Story

J.D. is back. Well, not "back" back. Just back for this episode. And maybe others. Who knows anymore? We'll take him when we can get him. And he'll take Elliot whenever he can get her, as they've missed their last two sessions of pregnancy sex. Elliot isn't feeling all that romantic these days, so she pencils in J.D. for some post-pregnancy sex six weeks after the baby arrives. This concept completely freaks out the Todd. J.D., too.

J.D. wants to go on a babymoon, which is "a vacation you and your loved one take right before your baby comes out of your special area." When Elliot puts the kibosh on leaving town, J.D. suggests they stay close to home and have "hotel sex" locally. But Elliot feels there's just too much to do before the baby comes.

Lucy takes charge during gross anatomy class, as she has a special bond with the cadaver, Ben. Lucy met him in Our First Day of School. Ben was chattier in that episode, as he was much more alive. Lucy is so excited to be working on her old friend. She exclaims, "Dr. Turk, I can't wait to slice up this old bastard's ticker!" Told ya she was excited.

While Lucy has taken the wheel in a supervisory way, she has yet to do any real cutting. Remember how we said Ben was a lot chattier when he was alive? Well, we take that back. The ghost of Ben has been talking to Lucy. At first, he told her it would be an honor to have her work on him. But come crunch time, Ben says, "Please don't cut me. It's not right." Lucy hands the scalpel over to Drew and flees the room.

Jordan wants Dr. Cox to make a will so she can get all his stuff when he dies. As Perry puts his affairs in order, an elderly patient who was battling cancer dies. She left behind her elderly husband who is also battling cancer. This has Perry questioning his own mortality. He ends up having a heart-to-heart chat with Elliot, who is under the assumption that not much will change after she has the baby. But everything changes.

Dr. Cox says, "After that baby comes, nothing goes back to normal. Time doesn't slow down. It only gets faster. And then 20 years later you find yourself signing a will and realizing that you didn't spend nearly enough time with the one person you care most about."

These words hit home with Elliot. She tells J.D. that she was wrong and apologizes for ruining the babymoon. J.D. assures her that she didn't. He leads her down the hospital hallway to a makeshift resort area complete with lounge chairs. J.D. put it all together with a little help from Turk, Denise, Drew and even Cole, who's mesmerized by the current size of Elliot's breasts.

Turk summons the students to come observe a surgery. He's operating on his friend Jake. This is a guy he's played basketball with for about seven years and he's about to cut him open. Turk knows that Ben is real to Lucy, but there are going to be many times when she's going to have to hurt a real patient in order to help him.

Lucy is inspired by Turk's words. She leaves the O.R. to prep for her next anatomy test. Drew and Cole stay behind to watch Turk operate on his friend. Well, the guy on the table isn't really his friend. He's just some dude with appendicitis that Turk used to make a point. Scalpel, please.

As the episode ends, Dr. Cox signs his will but won't give it to Jordan until she promises that they spend some "alone time" together this weekend. Lucy steps up and "cuts up" her old friend Ben. And as J.D. is enjoying the babymoon, Elliot suggests they move the festivities over to the Howard Johnson's down the road. Because the only thing better than "hotel sex" is "motel sex." J.D. says, "It'll be like I'm a Senator and you're a tobacco lobbyist. We should arrive separately." The guy's such a romantic.






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