Episode 8.12 : Their Story II

  • Scrubs
    • Episode Premiere : March 25, 2009
    • Distributor : ABC
    • Genre : Drama, Comedy
    • Seasons : 8
    • Show Period : 2001 - 2010
    • Production Company: Doozer, Towers Prod., ABC, Touchstone Television
    • Official Site :

Cast and Crew

The Story

Ever since Dr. Cox became Chief of Medicine, J.D. has been the go-to guy when it comes to getting things the hospital needs. Basically, He Da Man!" When J.D. asks Cox to hire more nurses, the request is denied. But J.D. still gets props from the staff for fighting the good fight.

Turk is supportive of J.D. at first, but then gets annoyed as his best bud's ego gets out of control. Turk's new intern, Derek, desperately tries stay out of all of the drama, but he's unable to avoid it, despite keeping his mouth shut.

Elliot and intern Denise (aka "Jo") treat a young girl who's been having headaches. Denise pushes for a biopsy test that's fairly invasive, but Elliot says no. The intern keeps pushing; even offering to tell people she wishes Elliot was her big sister, which we know is killing the unsentimental Denise. Elliot leaps at the offer and they do the test, which comes back negative.

Here's the problem, the biopsy has left the pretty young girl with a large scar on her temple that, while it'll get smaller, will never go away. Elliot takes the blame and tells Denise that it's her own fault for taking an intern's advice. Denise can't accept that and she apologizes personally to the patient, telling her it was her call to do the biopsy and she's sorry. With that move, Denise/Jo just scored some solid quality points in our book.

Sunny, the happiest intern on Earth, is counting how many friends she's already made at Sacred Heart (it's over 30, in case you're wondering). She's with the other interns when they touch the Janitor's remote-controlled cleaning cart. The Janitor swiftly chastises two interns, but spares Sunny, saying she's too weak to take his abuse. Sunny can't help but obsess over the comment and she starts doing everything she can to provoke the Janitor, but he still won't strike back. Since when did the Janitor go soft or take pity? Since never!

Sunny confronts the Janitor and says she's strong enough to take his abuse, which he admits he knew right away. Calling her weak WAS him messing with her. She gets it and can't help but be happy. The Janitor messing with someone doesn't usually make them happy, but we suppose there's a first time for everything.

Turk's jealous of J.D. when Carla becomes impressed with him as Cox finally agrees to hire more nurses. Dr. Cox is just happy that his promotion has caused such misery.

Finally, Derek can't hold his tongue anymore and calls the whole situation like he sees it. He calls out Turk for being a brat, J.D. for being a self-important jerk, Carla for not supporting her husband and Dr. Cox for being kind of evil. We loved it!

It all hits home for Turk, J.D. and Carla, and the three apologize to each other. Dr. Cox, of course, tends to be pretty happy with himself. Derek's pretty sure he'll be in trouble, but as he heads out for the night, he gets some welcome respect, even from the Chief. Maybe these interns will turn out all right after all.






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