Private Practice

Episode 2.03 : Nothing to Talk About

  • Private Practice
    • Episode Premiere : October 22, 2008
    • Distributor : ABC
    • Genre : Drama, Comedy
    • Seasons : 2
    • Show Period : 2007 - 2013
    • Production Company: ABC, ShondaLand
    • Official Site :

Cast and Crew

The Story

Naomi and Sam resume their relationship with renewed sexual fervor, but Sam tends to disrupt the romance to brainstorm business ideas for the practice, and rambles on as though his overthrow of Naomi never happened.

On neighboring treadmills, Addison and Pete compare their faltering personal lives. With each confession they increase their speed, engaging in a friendly competition. Pete reveals he slept with the young receptionist who made him feel old while Addison admits she scared off the cop with her crazy phone message. When Pete divulges that the receptionist said he was great in the sack, Addison goes flying off the treadmill. Mildly injured, she heads to St. Ambrose where she's tended to by Dell, now a hospital nurse. Charlotte attempts to recruit Addison into surgery for the day, but Addison declines the offer.

Urging Violet to work faster, Sam self-righteously details the cost-effectiveness of shorter appointments. Frustrated, Violet complains to Naomi only to learn that Naomi is sleeping with "the enemy." Naomi states that without Addison and Dell around she has no one to talk to, and--now realizing she's being used-- Violet retorts she doesn't want to hear about it. Addison returns to the office, receives a frosty greeting from her tense colleagues, and decides to accept Charlotte's offer to spend a day performing surgery.

Pete meets with Frank, a firefighter captain who's coping with post-traumatic stress by wearing women's lingerie beneath his uniform. He admits his greatest fear is having his secret discovered by the men he commands, and wants Pete's help. Pete explains cross-dressing is not always linked to post-traumatic stress, and urges Frank to seek counseling.

MIA since their last date, "Swat cop" Kevin arrives with donuts to woo Addison. They bond over a quick outdoor lunch, at which Addison states her friends and colleagues are not speaking to her, and how surgery makes her problems melt away and helps her feel centered. Kevin asks her out to dinner, on a "real date."

Violet meets with Linda, a distressed widow who's concerned her son Jesse may have killed the family dog, and that he may be exhibiting the behavior of a sociopath. Violet sits down with Jesse, who refuses to open up. She gives him a personality test (prompted by Coop's comment, "You wouldn't want to be the one to miss Columbine,") but when she informs Linda that the results are inconclusive, Linda breaks down in tears: "I'm afraid of my own son!" She confesses that she sleeps with a hammer under her pillow, afraid of what Jesse might do to her. Violet vows to go to Jesse's school to talk to his teachers and see if she can get to the root of his behavior.

Naomi visits Dell at St. Ambrose, pleading with him to return to Oceanside. He gives her the cold shoulder, then states he doesn't want to leave because his new colleagues aren't afraid to teach him. Meanwhile, Frank lands in the Ambrose ER, suffering terrible burns. Pete gets him stabilized, but not before a group of firefighters appear and see Frank's purple bra in full view. Later, Frank tells Pete he'll resign from firefighting, but Pete puts things in perspective: Everyone has a vice, and in truth, Pete wishes he had one that worked as well for him as the undergarments work in providing relaxation for Frank.

Addison is running from surgery to surgery, brushing off a patient's husband--stating his wife will be "fine" as she rushes past-- but when the patient starts bleeding again, the husband blames Addison for rushing. To prove his point, he asks Addison his wife's name. Addison doesn't know.

Though she'd been considering a surgical post at the hospital, Addison remains deeply affected by the confrontation with her patient's husband. She tells Charlotte she came to the hospital to escape people who were not talking to her-- but it was she who never spoke to any of her patients. She thanks Charlotte for the job offer but says she has a job-- a home--and passes.

Violet drives to Jesse's school to meet with his teachers, but is met by Jesse instead--who's holding a bat, threateningly. He reveals his dog had cancer and had to be put down. Knowing his Mother didn't have the money, he killed the dog. Breaking down, Jesse explains his father's cancer bankrupted them-- and he wouldn't allow the dog to do the same.

Violet confronts Naomi about using her in place of Addison. She explains they had that kind of friendship once, but when Addison arrived, she was pushed out. Violet tells Naomi to work it out with Addison and stop sleeping with Sam - "And then come to talk to me -- when you want to talk to me."

Dell gives Sam a list of demands needed for his return. When Sam refuses, Naomi unleashes all she's held back since their reconciliation, telling him she is not his wife and will no longer be his sounding board. Dell is needed to keep the practice going.

Cooper has shared with Charlotte that he feels left out, worried that the others are blaming him for the practice's financial woes. She tells him to toughen up, and later she resists opening up to him about her own woes. She tries to avoid it all, insisting Cooper uncloak for sex, but after Cooper's urging, she finally talks about her bad day, sharing her disappointment over Addison's rejection of her job offer.

Addison and Kevin's "real date" takes place at a shooting range. When it's time to talk, they decide talking is overrated. Instead, they kiss.






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