Episode 5.22 : The Pontiac

  • Parenthood
    • Episode Premiere : April 17, 2014
    • Distributor : NBC
    • Genre : Drama
    • Seasons : 5
    • Show Period : 2010 - 2015
    • Production Company: Imagine Entertainment, Universal Media Studios
    • Official Site :

Cast and Crew

The Story

Max is just declaring he needs a new suit for graduation when a newly blonde Haddie arrives home for the summer with new BFF Lauren in tow. Once the girls have some time to themselves, Lauren assures Haddie she can tell her parents about the real nature of their relationship whenever she's ready. Grateful, Haddie leans in for a kiss, which is when Max barges into her bedroom. Later, Haddie tells Adam what a good friend she's found in Lauren, but she can't bring herself to tell him the whole truth. At Berkeley, Natalie's preparing to go back to Portland for the summer, leaving Drew to spend the next three months on his mom's couch. Natalie hops on the airport shuttle, then turns back to stun Drew with the news that she loves him.

Joel and Julia both get a text from school: Victor has won his school's essay contest! When Julia approaches Victor with the good news, he can hardly believe it, and he's not happy with the prospect of having to read his essay aloud for the entire school. Julia assures him it will be fine, and in fact, it's a watershed moment for Julia and Joel, as Victor lays out how great the last year of life with his new family has been. Did their son just become an adult before their eyes? After a great night together as a family, Sydney totally melts down, begging Joel not to leave, so he promises to tuck her into bed. Snuggled between both her parents, Sydney reclines in the luxury of Joel's bedtime story of the day she was born. When Sydney falls asleep, Joel reaches out to take Julia's hand.

It's been a sleepless night in San Diego. Sarah's amazed to find Hank stayed. With Ryan awake and laughing with Amber, Sarah and Hank go out to pick up some stuff - that's when Ryan's mother, Melody, arrives. Melody thinks all the medical testing is a waste of money; Ryan's just a little banged up. When a nurse calls Amber "Mrs. York," Ryan's beneficiary, all of Melody's bells ring. Clearly she suspects Amber of scheming after Ryan's combat pay. Amber tells Hank and Sarah that it's probably best they go home. Melody is having some kind of power trip and won't let her into Ryan's room. Sarah is moved when Amber gives Hank a hug - just for everything. Later, Melody informs Amber of her plans to take Ryan home to Wyoming; she's taking charge of his affairs from now on. Amber's determined to stick around, even after Melody tells her Ryan's been discharged from the army and doesn't have a pot to piss in.

Since Zeek has decided not to hire movers, all the Braverman men are pitching in to help pack up the big house. Drew complains: he's broke, he's sleeping on his mom's couch, and when Natalie told him she loved him, he just stared at her. Zeek promises there will be a reward for the best mover, but Drew suspects this means very little. Zeek's lucky dollar perhaps? But Zeek has grand plans. The best mover prize is a set of car keys... to the fully restored Pontiac! Which means Drew can go wherever he wants this summer. Meanwhile, Kristina and Max go suit shopping. What Max wants to know is - if two girls are kissing does that mean they're lesbians? Kristina wants details... and all roads lead to Haddie. It's awkward, but Kristina gives Haddie her full support and love in a way that lets Haddie know Max outed her. She admits she didn't want to scare her parents, stunning Kristina, who only wants her daughter to be happy. Kristina loves Haddie no matter what.

On the way home, Hank asks Sarah if she thought about his proposal to get back together. She admits to being worried about his Asperger's, and doesn't have an answer yet. Amber confronts Ryan about his discharge. He admits he was wasted and totaled his truck; luckily, he was granted a medical discharge. And yes, he is going back to Wyoming, which he hates, but he doesn't have any other options. Leveled, Amber cries in his arms as he promises her this is something he has to do. Of course, the love is still there, and before long, they're both crying and making love in Ryan's hospital bed. It's goodbye for now... and not long until Amber picks up a home pregnancy test. Sarah decides to give love a try, too. She stops by Hank's studio and kisses him as her way of saying the relationship is back on.

Zeek and Camille finally have all their stuff out of the big house. The entire Braverman clan gathers to set up the very first family dinner in the couple's new home - except for Drew, who's made it to Portland and into Natalie's arms.

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