Episode 5.20 : Cold Feet

  • Parenthood
    • Episode Premiere : April 03, 2014
    • Distributor : NBC
    • Genre : Drama
    • Seasons : 5
    • Show Period : 2010 - 2015
    • Production Company: Imagine Entertainment, Universal Media Studios
    • Official Site :

Cast and Crew

The Story

Sarah lets herself into Amber's apartment bearing a brand new Cuisinart. She's stunned when the toilet flushes - what is Drew doing there!? When she realizes Drew has been living with Amber for the last several weeks, she literally drags him into the car. Drew is going back to school right now... where he's none too happy to see Berto again. After days of Drew's cold shoulder, Berto opens up. He can't handle the tension between them, so they're going to chug beer and Drew's going to tell him everything he hates about him. Then they can be friends again. Drew's skeptical, but in the end, a tight bond of friendship is born. Berto apologizes for messing up with Natalie, but Drew's gotta know, it's not all his fault.

Kristina approaches Julia to help out with the charter school proposal. This is just the kind of project Julia's been sorely lacking, and she throws herself into it whole hog. Ed can rock a mean spreadsheet, so Julia recruits him to help out with the proposal - and consents to another date: dinner at Ed's house. The prospect is a little nerve-racking, so Julia consults Kristina. If Adam were no longer in the picture, could Kristina be with someone else? Kristina's all for the date with Ed, but she cautions Julia to avoid doing something she might regret. After all, she's still married.

Adam and Crosby are arguing about expenditures for Ashes of Rome's record release party - a watershed moment for The Luncheonette - when Amber interrupts. Paul Mancuso, the manager of the boy band 4D, is on the phone. 4D wants Ashes of Rome to open for them on their next tour! Adam is hesitant to commit, but Crosby sees the dollar signs he needs to throw at his ongoing mold problem. Unfortunately, opening for 4D is the last thing Oliver wants to do - what about the band's artistic credibility? Later, Adam explains to Crosby that The Luncheonette's slush fund is being spent on the party, so Crosby's latest mold bill can only be paid with their cut of the money from the 4D tour.

Hank has another session with Dr. Pelikan to talk about Sarah, who's free and clear now that Mark is engaged. Pelikan asks Hank about his breakup with Sarah - did he talk to her about moving to Minnesota before he made that decision? Maybe Hank should reach out to Sarah to find out what their breakup was like for her. At work, Hank approaches Sarah - she doesn't need an apology for his decision to move to Minnesota, right? When Sarah explains she felt hurt and confused, Hank can't seem to buy it. He offers a ham-handed apology, which Sarah only accepts in hopes of shutting him up. Hank returns to the therapist's couch, angry that Pelikan made him apologize; now his life is blowing up! Shouldn't his life be getting better? Pelikan explains that Sarah isn't mad at Hank; she's disappointed in his behavior. Hank decides it's Asperger's fault, so he's going to be mad at Asperger's. The first step to romance is to admit that it's difficult, and then to be as vulnerable and honest as possible. Hank refuses this idea until Pelikan explains. This isn't an Asperger's thing, it's an everybody thing. Afterwards, Hank stops by Sarah's to really apologize for moving to Minnesota. He's learned that he pushes people away, but he's trying really hard to change, because when he looks at Sarah, he has hope.

Julia meets with Adam, Kristina and Mr. Knight, now known as Evan. Taking the school project by the balls, Julia has already set up a meeting with the school board for later in the week and has compiled task lists for everyone. Evan is bowled over, and more than a little attracted to Julia. The next day, Julia stops by Evan's house. She's decided they need to present him as the headmaster at the school board meeting, and she's worked it all out. Afterwards, Julia prepares for her date, and after great contemplation, removes her wedding ring. Dinner with Ed goes great, until he tells Julia that she's been the only good thing in his life lately. When Ed takes her hand, Julia recoils. She's not ready.

Julia exudes confidence during the school board meeting; she's got the proposal wired. That night, she delivers great news to Adam, Kristina and Evan at The Luncheonette's record release party: the school proposal is approved! Across the room, Crosby lectures Oliver on the benefit of earning money over artistic integrity. Someday, Oliver is going to have an expensive mold problem of his own. Oliver's skeptical until 4D arrives to shower him with compliments. Impressed by their entourage and the promise of a tour filled with hot women etc., Ashes of Rome is on board! But the real sparks are flying between Julia and Evan, who retreat to his apartment for some game-changing sex.

Camille and Zeek are having a watershed moment of their own, signing the papers to sell their home. And then the packing begins. Unable to part with sentimental treasures, Camille is starting to get cold feet, but Zeek stays the course. They WILL find a great place to live and everything's gonna be fine. Days later, Zeek loads Camille into the truck. The surprise is - he's found the perfect house for them!

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