Episode 5.18 : The Offer

  • Parenthood
    • Episode Premiere : March 20, 2014
    • Distributor : NBC
    • Genre : Drama
    • Seasons : 5
    • Show Period : 2010 - 2015
    • Production Company: Imagine Entertainment, Universal Media Studios
    • Official Site :

Cast and Crew

The Story

The Surfsport job is complete and ready to submit to the client, but Sarah can't hit send. Luckily, Hank has no problems hitting send. Instantaneously, the terrible waiting for the client's reaction begins... Sarah can't help herself as the days pass, she keeps stopping by Hank's studio to wring her hands and blather, which makes him crazy. Trying to be more empathetic, Hank attempts to give Sarah a massage, prompting her to back way off. They have to be friends! Unfortunately, this state of affairs has become too difficult and confusing for Hank. Just then - ding! - Sarah finally receives an email summoning her to a meeting at Surfsport. Hank waits for Sarah outside the Surfsport office. He figured he should be there as a friend, and he wants Sarah to know how proud he is of her and her work. Twenty minutes later, Sarah bounds out of the office and into Hank's embrace; her smile says it all.

Drew has been skipping all his classes, moping around and smoking all of Amber's weed. Having had enough of his wake and bake, Amber insists they talk about Natalie, so Drew opts to go to class instead. Natalie intercepts him and aggressively tries to get to the bottom of their problem. Amy came to town and Drew dropped Natalie - so why does he have a problem with her sleeping with Berto? Silence. Totally shut down, Drew retreats back to Amber's couch, refusing to return to class. When Amber hears him singing and playing guitar, she coaxes him into playing his song, hoping it's Drew's way of airing his feelings.

While helping Max pack for an overnight field trip to Sacramento, Kristina is surprised to learn he has decided she shouldn't chaperone. Naturally, Kristina is worried, especially when Max insists on wearing his boots, canteen and funny hat on the bus. Adam talks her down; Max isn't a kid anymore, he's a teenager, and he needs to find his independence. Meanwhile, real estate agent Karen has found a motivated buyer for the Braverman family homestead. The buyer is a bit of a cold fish and reacts negatively to the house, pissing off Zeek. Nevertheless, he comes back with an amazing all-cash offer, 30-day escrow, just below asking - but it's only on the table for three days! Zeek and Camille snuggle by the fire pit, reminiscing over their 44 years in the house. What are they going to do...?

Little League practice is over and Joel is waiting at the wrong field. All Victor's abandonment issues have cropped up by the time Joel arrives. The next morning, Victor starts melting down - how can he know for sure Julia will pick him up after school? Hours later, a mom approaches Julia about Victor's cell phone; didn't they all unofficially agree not to give their kids cell phones? This decision is going to cause a big problem for all the parents! Just as Julia insists Victor doesn't have a phone, he bounds up waving the new cell Joel gave him. Righteous in her cold fury, Julia confronts Joel. How could he buy Victor a cell phone without consulting her?! Is he doing all the parenting himself now? When Joel tearfully explains that all of Victor's abandonment issues are back, Julia counters that the abandonment issues returned because Joel moved out!

When Victor starts texting at the dinner table, Sydney grabs for his phone and Julia snaps. Sydney yells back: why does her mom always yell now, and why does Victor get a phone?! It's all unfair and it all started when Victor moved in. He ruined her parents' marriage! Uncharacteristically furious, Julia drags Sydney to her room. The next day, Victor gives his phone back to Joel in hopes that Julia will stop being mad. And is it his fault his parents separated? In tears, Joel promises Victor that none of it his fault, and he'll always be his parents' son, no matter what.

Adam and Kristina are enjoying a rare night alone when Mr. Knight calls with bad news. Max freaked out, big time. He's calm now - but he's sitting on the floor of the hotel lobby, refusing to move or talk. Devastated, Kristina and Adam rush to pick him up. After two hours of silence, Max asks why the other kids hate him. Is it because he's weird? Trevor said he peed in Max's canteen because he's a weirdo freak... and Max thinks he's right. Asperger's is supposed to make him smart - so why can't he understand why all the other kids laugh at him? Max cries, and even though he doesn't like being touched, Kristina just has to climb in the back seat to hug her boy.

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