Episode 5.15 : Just Like at Home

  • Parenthood
    • Episode Premiere : February 27, 2014
    • Distributor : NBC
    • Genre : Drama
    • Seasons : 5
    • Show Period : 2010 - 2015
    • Production Company: Imagine Entertainment, Universal Media Studios
    • Official Site :

Cast and Crew

The Story

No one in the Graham family is dealing with the separation very well, though everyone but Sydney is putting up a stiff upper lip. She's not at all happy with Joel's spartan bachelor pad, despite the fact he's trying hard and it has a pool. In Mendocino, Adam and Kristina are relaxing in the hot tub, courtesy of the Lessings, who bought them a spa weekend in celebration of Kristina's cancer recovery. Unable to help himself, a worried Adam calls Julia, knowing she's spending her first weekend home alone without the kids. Julia insists she's okay and has big plans, but she crawls into Sydney's bed when she can't fall asleep.

Living with his parents is taking a toll on Crosby, but it doesn't keep him from getting upset when he discovers their house is for sale. When Crosby makes his displeasure known, Camille clarifies: the decision to sell the house is hers and Zeek's alone. Zeek remains strangely mum on the topic, which leads Crosby to conclude Camille has railroaded him into selling. Later, Crosby demands Zeek tell him what's really going on - Zeek would NEVER sell! Zeek admits he realized that he loves Camille a lot more than the house, and if selling it makes her happy, then that's what he's going to do.

Amy has been living in Drew's dorm room for weeks now, and it's getting to be too much. Natalie can't help but point out that Drew's been blowing her off. Amy's always around, and it's getting kind of weird. Worried, Drew confesses to Amber: he loves Amy, but he thinks she should go back to her own college. After a few awkward days, Drew levels with Amy: it's time for her to talk to her parents and come clean about everything that's happened, starting with the abortion. As hard as it is, Drew drives Amy to her parents' house, knowing that as much as he loves her, it's goodbye for now.

Sarah and Hank are building the final portfolio of shots for the Surfsport job, and they're still not seeing eye-to-eye. When Sarah puts on lipstick in anticipation of a night out, Hank is quick to surmise she's going on a date with Carl. Despite the fact she can't keep her mind off Julia at home alone, Sarah finds herself really enjoying Carl's company, especially when he admits he might be falling for her. The next day, Hank is busting on Sarah about her date when she discovers he edited key photos out of the portfolio without telling her. Sarah hired Hank to help her, not sabotage her! They need to work together - communicate - like normal people! Hank just doesn't get it...

After a weekend of hot tubbing, mud bathing, summiting a mountain and sex, Adam admits he's worried about Julia. Satisfied that she and Adam have fully rejuvenated after some hard years, Kristina agrees it's time to go home. Meanwhile, Hank calls Dr. Pelikan with an emergency: the Sarah situation. This communication thing isn't really his bag - how does he do it? Dr. Pelikan starts with the basics: listening, eye contact, positive statements. It's a breakthrough moment, so Hank takes notes on what to say, then rushes to Sarah's to recite Pelikan's words. When Sarah asks him to speak normally, Hank admits he's seeing Pelikan in hopes of better dealing with his Asperger's and improving their relationship.

Julia's just microwaving a very sad potato when Sarah shows up with an expensive bottle of wine she liberated from Carl. Surprise - Crosby's right behind her with more wine, Chinese food and a killer soundtrack. Most of the wine is gone by the time Adam shows up, which touches Julia's heart and sets the tears flowing. Her sister and brothers have rallied in her hour of need. It's good times all around when Adam catches the fever, turns up the music and gets Crosby and his sisters dancing.

Zeek and Camille roast marshmallows in the yard with most of their grandchildren. Drew drives up to return Amber's car and get a big hug after letting Amy go, while Zeek and Camille silently contemplate what selling the house may force them to let go. Late that night, Victor wakes up after a bad dream and calls Julia. He doesn't want to wake up Joel, he just wants his mother. Talking her son back to sleep, Julia walks around the house, which seemed so empty yesterday, now full of her sleeping siblings. Everything's going to get less scary; everything's going to be okay.

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