Episode 5.11 : Promises

  • Parenthood
    • Episode Premiere : January 02, 2014
    • Distributor : NBC
    • Genre : Drama
    • Seasons : 5
    • Show Period : 2010 - 2015
    • Production Company: Imagine Entertainment, Universal Media Studios
    • Official Site :

Cast and Crew

The Story

Natalie walks in on Drew and Amy playing cards on his bed. One very awkward introduction later, and Natalie is out the door. Amy gets under her skin, so Natalie asserts her "dominance" over Drew by leaning against him in a too-familiar way. Concerned, Amy questions whether Natalie is jealous of her - why would she be since she and Drew are just friends? Reassured, Amy offers Drew a heartfelt apology for the way it ended between them. He forgives her, and the romance is back on. She extends her short stay for a couple weeks. Everyone misses a few weeks of class during college...

Sarah accepts Carl's plus-one invitation to a charity event, but she's blown away by Jasmine's Google stalking - her tenant Carl is a doctor and the charity's chairman/executive director?! On second thought, maybe she'd better put on the sexy black dress. At the event, Carl's all charm. Sarah's more bothered than she expected to see pretty, successful women flirting with Carl. The last surprise of the night is Carl's award... Did he forget to mention he was the guest of honor and recipient of the Healthcare Visionary Award? Despite her earlier reluctance, Sarah's feelings are slowly growing.

Max enters the studio, ready to develop his photos like Hank promised. Unfortunately, business calls, and Hank informs Max his pictures will have to wait. Max completely flips out, throwing equipment and sprinting home with a worried Hank on his heels. The next day, Adam stops by the studio to apologize and give Hank an Asperger's book to better understand Max. Reading voraciously and frantically making notes, Hank bombards Sarah at her apartment - Hank has Asperger's! Suddenly, all of life's problems make sense. Sarah uncomfortably agrees Hank may be a little like Max... A few days later, all is right between Hank and Max once Max offers a rehearsed apology and suggests a friendly chess game.

Zeek's at the end of his rope - the house is trashed and there's no cereal or milk. He shaves and puts on a clean shirt, then skypes Millie in his boxers. She's extending her trip a week since they're both pursuing their passions. Defeated, Zeek drags himself to a local cafe for nourishment, but cafe-regular Rocky won't leave him in peace. Zeek doesn't want to chitchat, he just wants to eat his meatloaf.

The next day, Zeek changes his tune, striking up a conversation with Rocky. It's an Army versus Navy battle, as the two rib each other and bond over growing old. However, Zeek goes on the defensive when Rocky assumes his wife is dead. Rocky's words of wisdom: Zeek should appreciate Camille - she isn't like most women their age, so he's lucky. Thoughtful, Zeek types, "Don't stay another week" to Camille, but deletes it and tells her to have fun. Email successfully sent.

Ed ambushes Julia at school to apologize for the kiss - he thought he felt something from her. Just so she knows, he's going to be at the school auction on Friday. Desperate for help, Julia pours her troubles out to Adam. In turn, Adam tells her about Rachel kissing him, but of course he didn't kiss her back. Julia sobs; maybe her situation is different... She doesn't know how she feels towards Ed. Adam encourages his baby sister to purge her life of Ed Brooks and realize whatever is feeling good about him is related to how bad it is with Joel.

Adam employs Crosby to keep tabs on Julia during the auction, since he and Kristina are stuck babysitting all the kids. Crosby is all over this assignment - he's going to be on pudgy Ed like a hawk. The night of the auction, Julia steers Joel clear of Ed, but Joel catches onto her game. Crosby thoughtfully writes down Ed's name for a massive bid on Sarah's photography. But Crosby's efforts aren't enough to keep Ed away all night. Alcohol-laden Ed approaches Julia just to talk, but Julia backs away and insists he leave her alone. Crosby quickly moves towards the disaster, but not before Joel punts Ed across the room. "Stay away from my wife!" he growls.

Julia shakily recovers outside, followed closely by Joel. He begs her to tell him if anything is happening between her and Ed - is she having an affair? Over and over, Julia says nothing is going on. But Joel doesn't believe her and leaves her crying on the playground.

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