Episode 5.08 : The Ring

  • Parenthood
    • Episode Premiere : November 14, 2013
    • Distributor : NBC
    • Genre : Drama
    • Seasons : 5
    • Show Period : 2010 - 2015
    • Production Company: Imagine Entertainment, Universal Media Studios
    • Official Site :

Cast and Crew

The Story

Life with the extended Braverman clan is wacky, with Camille in Italy, Jabbar in ballet tights and Amber in a huge diamond ring. Despite the kids' make-sure-Dad-is-alive rotation, Zeek is experimenting with food groups. Whipped cream and Fruit Loops? Why not! Sarah stops by with his favorite ribs and potato salad on a Saturday night. Zeek challenges her to accept a party invitation from tenant Carl. Sarah expects to see Carl's normal 20-something crowd, but she walks into a room full of sophisticated people her age whom she wouldn't mind being friends with.

Seeing Jabbar in black tights and practicing plies is more than Crosby can handle. He slyly interrogates Jabbar about whether he actually likes ballet or if it's something Jasmine is forcing him into. Jabbar reassures a dismayed Crosby that he loves ballet - especially when Jasmine takes him to Burger and Pie after class. Adam gives Crosby attitude-altering parenting advice: Crosby might want Jabbar to love basketball, but he loves ballet; so Crosby better learn to like ballet too. Crosby reluctantly shows up at Jabbar's class, doing his best to appear supportive.

Pressure between Julia and Joel is mounting. Their once happy marriage is now a constant series of fights. Sydney overhears Julia's pre-mature freak-out that Victor's being held back. The next day, Julia tells Sydney that nothing's set in stone for Victor, but the situation is very difficult on all the adults involved. Sydney innocently asks if that's why Mommy and Daddy have been fighting so much lately...

Julia and Ed are tending the school's sustainability garden when Victor's teacher Miss Mikindoe walks by. Unable to contain her distress until the scheduled meeting, Julia begs Miss Mikindoe to tell her the final decision. After much prodding, she confirms Julia's worst fears: they're moving Victor back to fourth grade. Julia rushes into an empty classroom sobbing, followed by Ed. He envelopes her in a big, intimate hug as she pours out her heart to him. Suddenly, both pull away and realize they just crossed a major personal boundary...

With the kids in bed, Julia sits Joel down to discuss Victor's predicament. Joel harps on the fact that Julia had their important conversation without him, adding to the list of "bad decisions" she's acquired in the last year. He's not letting Victor go back to fourth grade, even if it means telling the principal to go screw himself! He'll be there for his son, no matter what.

The day finally arrives. Julia breaks the news to Victor while Joel steams in the corner. Shocked and angry, Victor screams that it's unfair, and he'll lose his friends because of this. Joel halfheartedly responds, but it's clear he doesn't agree with the decision, leaving Julia to stand alone as the bad guy.

Amber struggles to decide whether or not to talk to Ryan about her engagement ring. He spent all his combat pay on a massive ring, money Amber thinks should be saved and spent on practical uses. Finally, she broaches the topic, but Ryan doesn't take it well. Though he returns the ring, the distance between Ryan and Amber is growing.

Heather breaks the exciting news to Team Kristina - they're only two points away from Bob Little! The celebration is short-lived when Heather receives an urgent phone call. Someone leaked to the press that Adam punched a man in a grocery store several years ago. The press swarms the house, prompting Adam to yell at them to get off his lawn. Of course, the GIF of angry Adam becomes an Internet sensation. Heather pleads with Kristina and Adam to come forward with any dirt they might have on Bob. Kristina sends piercing eye messages to Adam to keep quiet about what happened between Amber and Bob.

Kristina marches into Bob's office. She told him in friendship about Adam's altercation in the grocery store, which Bob found to be awesome and hilarious at the time. Intimate, scarring details about his personal life are at her fingertips. However, Kristina tells Adam she refuses to participate in mudslinging, especially when it involves her niece.

Once Amber catches wind of Bob's smear campaign, she encourages Kristina to go public. She can handle whatever media attention comes her way. Kristina's last straw comes in the form of a crazy-looking picture of her and Adam, which Bob pulled from Haddie's Facebook page. Kristina spills the beans to Heather about Bob's scandalous past.

With the press anxiously waiting outside the house, Kristina prepares her notes on Amber and Bob. Her good nature wins out, as she nixes her pre-written notes and improvises on why Adam punched that man - retaliating against a bully who called Max a "retard" is a value she and her family stand for. Debriefing that night, Adam tells Kristina how proud he is that she stuck to her guns. Even though taking the moral high road means she dropped four points in the polls...

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